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Wheel Brushes

Wheel brushes extend the usefulness of your power drill and grinder. The right selection of wire brushes enables you to finish hard-to-reach areas on metal and wood surfaces. Anchor Brand, Dualife, Weiler, and other quality brands offer a wide selection of wheel brushes that can help you complete any project.

Durable Construction
Wheel brushes are made of stainless and carbon steel, so you can feel confident about using these high-quality brushes to complete heavy-duty jobs. Each brush that you add to your collection will provide finishing options for years.

For Every Type of Job
With options including stem, wire, and diameter size, you can find wheel brushes that can reach corners and tucked-away spaces. Make sure to wear a pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes from flying debris when you're using wheel brushes with your power tools.

Easy to Use
Wheel brushes are designed for use with your existing power equipment. Just slot the wheel into your power drill or grinder and you'll have a tool that can clean and smooth all types of surfaces.
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