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Wheelchair Seat & Back Cushions

Wheelchair Seat and Back Cushions- Extra SupportChoose wheelchair seat and back cushions to ensure the comfort of patients with limited mobility. Provide spinal support with cushions which minimize pain caused by sitting in the wheelchair for long periods of time. Use specially shaped cushions to address patient complaints of specific discomfort.SupportiveChoose contoured wheelchair seat and back cushions to provide extra support to pressure points when patients are confined to a wheelchair for extended periods of time. Align the spine with lumbar supports designed to minimize lower back pain, or use a sloping seat cushion to relieve pressure on the tailbone area. Easy to CleanProvide patients requiring long term care with clean wheelchair seat and back cushions that are easy to launder. Slip the cover off for a quick wash, or wipe down fluid-proof items for a fast solution to spills or other accidents that usually require removal of the patient from the wheelchair.SafeStrap wheelchair seat and back cushions onto the wheelchair to avoid slipping. Pad loose areas around the patient with the cushions, or use a positioner cushion as a seatbelt to support patients lacking the ability to support themselves. Adjust seat height, and stabilize posture with cushions designed to customize basic wheelchairs.PortableMaintain a patient's comfort by transferring wheelchair seat and back cushions to a standard chair. Use the portable cushions in a car seat when the patient is released from the hospital, or try them as supports in a hospital bed. Choose the appropriate level of support by adding or removing the detachable cushions from the wheelchair. The lightweight design allows for easy transport.


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