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Wide-Format Paper

Traditional 8.5 x 11 inch paper is ubiquitous in business, but it is not ideal for certain purposes. If your business uses a wide-format printer, it is essential to keep an adequate supply of wide-format paper on hand. This paper is typically sold in rolls that are at least 2 feet wide.

Coated Paper
Coated rolls are a commonly used type of wide-format paper and are particularly useful when there is a need to impress customers or clients. Coated paper is white in color and is available in various brightness options and thicknesses. Some typical applications for these rolls are printing architectural renderings, engineering drawings, or diagrams of retail store displays. Marketing graphics and advertising posters are two other potential uses. A key benefit of using wide-format paper is the larger available printing area as compared to normal office paper. You'll also enjoy the high contrast between the printed ink and the paper's background.

Uncoated Paper
For some wide-format printing applications, uncoated paper is available. It may not be necessary to use premium paper when making draft versions of drawings that will only be used within your own company. Spreadsheets, tables, and diagrams are also appropriate to print on uncoated paper. Browse our selection of uncoated wide-format paper to identify rolls that are compatible with your printer.

Photo Paper
Wide-format printing is often done in black-and-white, but there are also applications that benefit greatly from color, such as photography. When operating a wide-format printer that can print high-quality photographs, it is critical to use the correct type of wide-format paper. Wide-format photo paper is treated with a special coating that ensures ink dries quickly, preventing smearing and smudging. Both matte and satin finish photo paper are available to meet your needs.


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