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Window Cleaning Tools

Window cleaning equipment is designed to make washing and drying windows as efficient as possible. Absorbent sleeves easily wipe the dirt and grime off your windows, and the slip-on design means they pop off easily for laundering when you're done. Consider an all-in-one kit for maximum convenience.

Durable Fibers
Absorbent sleeves made of synthetic materials make short work of dirty windows, and the sleeves are designed to stand up to long-term use and multiple washings. They can be used with plain water for quick touch-ups or with your favorite window cleaner for less frequent or more in-depth jobs. Microfiber offerings are especially absorbent and extra gentle on glass surfaces. Carry a few sleeves with you so that when one is saturated, you can replace it quickly and move on to the next window. 

Strain-Free Design
Take the effort out of washing windows with rubber squeegees that do most of the work for you. The crisp edge hugs the window's surface so every last drop of water is whisked away, leaving behind a clear, spot-free finish. Holsters ensure your cleaning tools are close at hand, eliminating unnecessary trips to the cleaning supply station.

Multitasking Tools
When efficiency is your top priority, use window cleaning equipment designed to do double duty. Dual-sided tools feature a scrubby sleeve on one side and a squeegee on the other, so getting your windows sparkling is just a matter of turning the handle. These tools are perfect for both exterior and interior windows and can even be used on large bathroom mirrors and other glass surfaces.


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