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Business Envelopes

Business envelopes serve a wide range of needs in both personal and commercial environments. They're used for many tasks including mailing letters and documents, as well as distributing confidential information internally. Many include security features to protect the contents, while others have a heavy-duty construction that stands up to the rigors of shipping. In addition to the Staples brand, shoppers will find a wide selection from popular names such as JAM Paper, Quality Park and LUX.

Varying Styles Serve Multiple Needs
Envelopes come in a variety of sizes and materials. The most common size is #10, which measures 4.125 x 9.5 inches and fits most business correspondence such as invoices and letters. Inter-office envelopes come with a button and string design, measuring 9 x 12 inches to fit standard letter-size paper. They're ideal for transferring documents between departments and often have a series of lines for writing names or dates for tracking purposes. Manilla mailers come in multiple sizes from 10 x 13 inches for mailing out catalogs to 2 x 3 inch units that hold business cards and small materials. Most brands are made with 24-pound woven paper stock that stands up to general purpose use.

Businesses that send out invitations to events will find a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to fit the theme, and to make them stand out in the recipient's mailbox. For those looking for a little more durability, heavy-duty Tyvek envelopes come in multiple colors and sizes and feature a tear, scratch and water-resistant design.

Specialty Envelopes Make Identification Simple
Specialty industries, such as insurance and accounting, need business and tax envelopes that clearly identify the materials within for quick attention. They feature a bold message on the front that states the nature of the documents along with special sorting instructions such as "do not bend" to avoid damage to the content.

Additional Features Improve Efficiency and Security
Some business envelopes have a full front that you can run through the printer to pre-print, attach labels or hand write details. Others have one or two windows to display addresses that appear on the internal documents. You can choose from left- or right-aligned windows and they have a sturdy clear film to prevent debris from getting inside. Window envelopes work well for mailing out invoices that have pre-printed addresses and distributing payroll checks.

Gummed flaps require moisture to seal, or you can opt to seal them shut with a strip of tape. Some have an easy-close flap with a self-adhesive strip for quick and efficient sealing to eliminate tampering. Security tint on the inside of the envelope improves privacy, making confidential documents hard to read through the paper. Some have a tamper-proof design with a tear strip for quick opening without disrupting the contents inside.

Small office and home users can purchase a box of 100 or less while larger companies and offices that send out hundreds of documents can benefit from larger packages of 500 or 1000. With Staple's auto-restock option, keeping the right type of business envelope on hand is simple. Staples carries a variety of great business supplies that satisfy any need or demand.
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