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Wine Buckets & Stands

Give flair to your wine service by choosing from this selection of handsome wine buckets, coolers, and corkscrews. A wide choice of styles and finishes allow you to pick one to best suit your decor. For single bottles, thinner coolers take up less space on the table and keep wine just as chilled.

Service With Style
Choose from the selection of wine buckets with simple, plain styles, or select from more ornate designs with etched exteriors. You also have a choice of stainless steel, nickel-plated, or silver-plated buckets. Place these buckets in the center of the table with a liner underneath to prevent condensation from soaking up the tablecloth, or use handy stands that fit the standard bucket sizes and allow your waitstaff to conveniently reach the wine to pour. The buckets hold up to three bottles, so the choice of a stand allows the waitstaff to keep wine from nearby tables cold as well.

Keep Drinks Chilled
Individual coolers in glass or brushed stainless-steel containers need just a little bit of ice to keep a bottle of wine cold throughout the meal. Use the coolers to keep bottled water or larger bottles of beer cool as well.

Professional Presentation
The best wine service begins with knowledgeable waiters who can elegantly present and pour wine. Select premium wine openers and corkscrews that make it easy for your waitstaff to open the wine bottle without breaking or damaging the corks before presenting them to your guests. Stylish decanters will make it easy for your waitstaff to decant older red wines for top-notch wine service.


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