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KC Store Fixtures Wire Grid Panels & Accessories

Wire Grid Panels & Accessories: Are you shopping for display and store fixtures like wire grid panels and accessories? Are you ready to find an affordable solution to creating the ideal retail space? Here in the pages of this catalog you can find numerous ways to create inviting arrangements for your customers. Here are a few samples of what you can find in stock today: Wire grid panels are best used to create artistic displays using peg hooks, shelves and faceouts. You can connect the panels with wire grid panel connectors.

Plastic connectors enable you to think outside the box while creating your own display units. These connectors are compatible with your mini grid panels. Mini wire grid displays snap in place with mini-grid cubes. These miniature units can be arranged on shelves or other displays at eye level for quick, impulse grabs.

Speaking of miniature, another in-demand staple among the wire grid panels and accessories category is the mini-grid cube panel. They come ten to a pack and make for an economical display. Attach them to your wire grid display effortlessly — they are user friendly.

Do you want more? You’ll find laminated melamine shelving. The melamine construction promises longevity. Connect the shelves to your display using L shelf brackets. Multiple shelves provide a wide range of display opportunities. You’ll find a 5-J Hook chrome waterfall for use with ?” pegboard holes for a cascading display. Wire grid wall display legs can be ordered to complete your floor display unit.

Additional wire grid panels and accessories include adjustable four-shelf wire racks, chrome single hat displays for use with wire grids along with notch hooks and wall mount brackets. Basically, everything you need to design, construct and display your merchandise is only a few clicks away.


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