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Wire Rope Clips

Organize wires, ropes, and other types of line with wire rope clips. Designed with durability in mind, the strong metal construction of the clips keeps each component protected when used indoors or outside. U-bolts on the top make identifying the different wires easy.

Easy to Install
Install and use clips in seconds either at home or at work. The U-bolts on the clips are large enough to accommodate most types of wires and other types of lines. You can simply slide the wire through the top of the clip and tightly screw the bolts on the bottom to hold the wire in place.

Organize Wires
Easily hang and organize rope, line, and twine with wire rope clips. Use the U-bolt on the top of the clip to see which wire you ran through, and use multiple bolts to support those wires and keep the wires from slipping or falling.

Strong and Dependable
Made from carbon steel and other types of dependable metals, wire clips are perfect for using outside. The metal doesn't rust when exposed to snow, sleet, or other types of moisture found in the great outdoors, which lets you use the clips for years to keep your wires safe and off the ground.

Multiple Sizes and Designs
Choose a durable wire rope clip that works with the type of wires you need to run. You can use a clip that works with plastic-coated wire, or you can select a clip designed to work with thinner and more lightweight wire that lacks any type of protective coating.

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