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Wireless Access Points

A wireless access point enables you and other users to stay connected to your office's network or the Internet without being bound by cords. They extend the range of a wireless router so that your network runs at top speed, no matter how large your workspace is. Many WiFi access point models can be mounted on the wall or ceiling to ensure that you don't lose valuable workspace. Security options are available to ensure that your company's wireless network stays protected from unauthorized use.

Wireless-N Technology
If you need the fastest Internet speeds possible, a wireless access point with Wireless-N technology will help you navigate the Internet quickly. You won't have to worry about sluggish surfing if you are looking for information or paused downloads if you are watching sales presentations or even video content.

Dual-Band Technology
Wireless access points with dual-band technology are a great option for large offices and other businesses that need reliable access throughout the building. Laptops and other devices with WiFi will be able to connect throughout the office with these network access points.

Internet or Network Connectivity
Depending on your company's needs, you can setup a WiFi access point to enable employees to access your company's network or the Internet. Some wireless access point models allow you to set up connection for both the Internet and a private network, and you can even extend the range of your access point with a wireless range extender.

Security Options
Many wireless access points have security options to ensure only authorized users can access the Internet or network. You can set passwords for protection, and WPA and WPA2 features are available on some WiFi access point models. You can even segment traffic by using a network access point with a multiple SSID feature.


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    Rosewill® RNX-N150HG Wireless-N Adapter
    Item IM1QN7609
    Model RNX-N150HG

    Rosewill® RNX-N150HG Wireless-N Adapter

    Customer Rating
    Rosewill® RNX-N150HG Wireless-N Adapter
    (0  reviews)
    • 150 Mbps/802.11b/g/n compatible/2.40 - 2.48GHz frequency band
    • WPS, 64/128bit WEP,WPA (TKIP/AES), WPA2 (TKIP/AES), IEEE 802.1X security/USB 2.0
    • Provides two methods of operation: Infrastructure and ad-hoc
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1 items
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