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A PCI or USB wireless adapter connects your machines to your network, often making access as easy as plugging the device in to a USB slot. Older machines can get an instant upgrade to wireless N with a USB WiFi adapter, or you can install a PCI wireless card into your self-built system. PCI & USB wireless adapters are also great as a backup in case a wireless card stops working, ensuring your laptops or other machines can still access the network.

Easy Networking
If your machine arrives without a network card installed, simply plug in a wireless USB network adapter to attach it to the network. USB wireless adapters plug in easily via a standard USB port, so they're easy to install. They come in a variety of sizes, including ultracompact, which can deliver wireless-N speeds while only extending out a few millimeters from your machine so you cannot accidentally damage it. They can also serve as wireless printer adapters, allowing you to connect to your wireless printer so you will always have the documents you need handy. 

Standard Installation
WiFi adapters don't have to be external. If you build systems yourself, get an internal network card, which you can attach to a free PCIe slot. These PCI wireless network adapters ensure you get the fastest speeds as the PCIe 3.0 interface is capable of transferring up to 15.75 GB/s compared to a maximum speed of 35 MB/s for USB 2.0 or 400 MB/s for USB 3.0. You can also get parallel adapters and other adapters like a wireless printer adapter for attaching network equipment for printers and the like.

Bluetooth Included
Some equipment works best with Bluetooth, and you will absolutely enjoy the benefits and simplicity of these wireless adapters. Connect your phones or stream music or audio to your Bluetooth-enabled headset effortlessly or transfer images from your phone onto your computer without the use of cables. Of course, PCI wireless cards and wireless USB adapters are also available in a variety of connection types and brands, including Cisco, Linksys, Belkin & Netgear wireless adapters.

PCI & USB WiFi adapters are a great solution for easy and immediate internet connectivity. Staples also carries all the other essentials you need for setting up or enhancing your home or office network, from our wireless access point selection, designed to enhance the range of your wireless router, to range extenders, to wired and wireless network adapters.  Shop our expanded assortment of networking products today!


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