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Wireless Display Adapters (WiDi)

Use a wireless display adapter, also known as a WiDi adapter, to get the most out of your multimedia libraries stored on laptops, smartphones, and tablets. A digital streaming media player such as Netgear's Push2TV uses 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi at data transfer rates at up to 300 Mbps to connect to your mobile equipment and mirrors the content on the device's display using protocols such as Intel WiDi 3.x and Wi-Fi-certified Miracast. With a WiDi adapter on hand, you have the flexibility to entertain a roomful of people without worrying about cords or other wired connectors.

High-Definition Picture Quality
Streaming video from your small-screen mobile devices using a wireless display adapter is easy. One WiDi adapter can connect to all your devices and mirror content at up to 1080p resolution on your high-definition TV. You don't have to connect your devices to your big screen using messy cords to enable a group of people to share your photos, videos, and presentations.

Surround Sound
Enjoy robust surround sound when you use a wireless display adapter. Mirroring devices such as the Netgear Push2TV provide digital audio over HDMI, enabling 5.1 surround-sound pass-through audio and stereo sound for a high-quality listening experience. Pair one with a network attached storage drive and you'll have the ability to beautifully present all of the media stored on your network.

Multiple Power Options
Most wireless display adapters give you two ways to power the device. Plug the WiDi adapter into your display's USB port to conveniently power the device by piggybacking on the display's power supply. These adapters also come with power cords that let you plug the devices directly into wall outlets, and most models are energy efficient to keep electricity bills low.


NETGEAR Push2TV Wireless Display HDMI Adapter Miracast and WiDi
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