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Wireless Network Hardware

With the right networking accessories, you can increase the number of users who can access your office network, expand the number of peripheral devices shared by users, and boost your network's wireless signal. Powerline adapters, wireless access points, and a large selection of networking accessories are only some of the useful devices available in this category. From Cisco to Motorola, top-notch manufacturers offer a variety of solutions to solve your networking problems.

Network Switches
Control the number of users who have access to your network with the right Ethernet switch from the networking accessories category. Choose a managed or unmanaged switch, and further narrow your choices by selecting data transmission rates. These switches come in desktop and rack-mountable models to suit the needs of any office.

Wireless Amplifiers
Extend the range of your network's Wi-Fi signal with a wireless amplifier or booster from the networking accessories category. These devices use high-gain antennas to redistribute wireless signals to areas that were previously uncovered. With a signal amplifier added to your network, your staff members can take their laptops or other mobile computing devices away from their desks and still get work done.

Network Testing Equipment
With the right testing equipment from the networking accessories category, you can save money on service calls by troubleshooting network problems yourself. A cable test kit can test the efficacy of your wired connections, while a portable Wi-Fi tester can help you manage your 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless signal. Easily ensure that your equipment receives the right amount of juice from outlets and ports with a handheld power supply tester.


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