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Wireless Extenders & Repeaters

Use convenient wireless extenders and repeaters to increase the range of your wireless Internet network. With convenient wall plug wireless extenders, you can use your Internet connection in the remote locations of your home or office. Repeaters have multiple ports that sync to multiple devices.

Secure Protection
Your extended connection delivers enhanced network security to protect your information. D-Link extenders offer security protection that prevents intrusion and privacy infringements. Secure your network with a password-protected connection alongside a powerful firewall program for optimal data security.

Simple to Use
Wireless extenders can be installed with a simple push of a button. Simple wall plug extenders instantly increase your network range and speed with minimal installation steps. Connect your computers, tablets, smart phones, printers, and laptops to the wireless extender through simple plug-and-go steps. Other extenders quickly install onto your computer's desktop to extend your wireless range.

Enhanced Network Connectivity
Boost the range and speed of your existing network with a wireless extender that delivers dual band Wi-Fi and quickly connects to your router. Share media between several devices using USB ports that link the entire home or office to your stored data. The increased speed and range eliminates lag while increasing your ability to use devices without being tethered near the router. Double the size of your network with a repeater that rebroadcasts your network to create a second wireless network that doubles your range, but doesn't decrease network speeds. Certain models offer up to 300 Mbps, which is perfect for an office team that relies on a series of wireless devices.

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