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Laundry Detergent & Fabric Care

Laundry care products will keep your clothes bright and spotless. Use liquid, powder, or pod detergents and spot stain removers before and during your wash. For storage, cedar drawer dividers and hangers provide natural protection and keep your clothes smelling great.

Choose powerful detergents in concentrated liquid or powder for deep-cleaning power in smaller packages to save space in your laundry or utility room. For added convenience, detergent packs and pods release stain-fighting ingredients when they hit the water. Just add one to each load and save the hassle of measuring. Spray stain removers are perfect for tougher stains. Spray on, rub, and toss the article in with the rest of the wash. To remove stains immediately on clothes you are wearing, carry powerful spot stain removers, and let them work their magic.

Fight stains and dullness in your whites with the concentrated power of chlorine bleach. Smaller, easier-to-pour bottles prevent splashing and allow you to choose just the right amount. Chlorine bleach is ideal for tough dirt, grass, wine, and food stains in your white articles. Chlorine bleach has multiple uses elsewhere as a disinfectant. Use with other household cleaning chemicals to keep your surfaces and spaces germ free and smelling clean. For bright colors in your laundry, use non-bleach alternatives, such as water-activated, oxygen-based stain removers.

To keep all of your laundry feeling soft and smelling fresh, liquid softeners for the wash and dryer sheets are an essential final touch. Once your clothes are dry and ready to put away, nothing beats cedar drawer dividers, drawer liners, and hangers for extra protection from mildew and moths, and to keep your articles smelling great.
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