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Tamper Bars, Pry Bars & Crowbars

Wrecking pry bars give you the leverage you need to tackle the disassembly of large items, such as cars or metal shelves. The sturdy construction ensures the bars do not bend or break under pressure. Chisel tips in a variety of forms can also be used for sculpting and construction purposes.

Easily Break Down Structures
Sturdy steel construction lets you quickly pry open metal cabinets, doors, and hinges. A variety of designs, including flat, hexagonal, and round tips, ensure you have the right tool for the job.

Get Into Hard-to-Reach Places
Straight pry bars give you better access to hidden recesses. Hooked designs let you or your employees reach areas around corners and out of sight with ease.

Carve Out a Beautiful Design
Pry bars make excellent tools for modern art craftsmen and traditional sculptors. Check out the selection of chisels, punches, and pins for help with jobs that require even greater precision.
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