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Yoga & Pilates

Use different yoga and Pilates equipment to enhance your workouts and meet your fitness goals. Choose from a wide selection of basic yoga and Pilates workout necessities such as mats, socks, DVDs, and accessories to help you tone, tighten, improve flexibility, and build muscle.

Strengthen and Tighten
With basic yoga and Pilates equipment such as mats and DVDs, beginners can work their entire bodies by doing postures involving all muscles, leading to increased strength and endurance. Using DVDs guided by expert professionals, novice learners can experience first-hand the breathing exercises and other hallmarks of yoga and Pilates workouts.

Enhance Flexibility
Intermediate practitioners can use elongating yoga and Pilates props such as bands and straps to deepen the stretches in their routines, improve flexibility, and go beyond their current skill levels. Breathing deeply throughout the stretches with the use of these props supplies oxygen to the muscles and ensures heightened flexibility for those seeking to push their limits. Accurately monitor your progress using a activity tracker to better assess your overall fitness.

Build Muscle Tone
Advanced practitioners can choose resistance yoga and Pilates accessories such as blocks and Pilates circles to increase the exertion level in their workouts and build more muscle tone. Applying more effort by raising the amount of reps in the workout or holding postures for longer periods can aid in increasing additional core strength and definition.

Comfort, Ease, and Portability
Mats and socks aid in giving traction and cushioning for yoga and Pilates practitioners. Accessories such as bags help keep yoga equipment together for quick and easy transport to the gym or workout room.

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J Fit 10' Yoga Strap
Item : WYF078275654665 / Model : 80-6010
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  • Yoga strap
  • Soft cotton design
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