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Stamina Yoga & Pilates

Use different yoga and Pilates equipment to enhance your workouts and meet your fitness goals. Choose from a wide selection of basic yoga and Pilates workout necessities such as mats, socks, DVDs, and accessories to help you tone, tighten, improve flexibility, and build muscle.

Strengthen and Tighten
With basic yoga and Pilates equipment such as mats and DVDs, beginners can work their entire bodies by doing postures involving all muscles, leading to increased strength and endurance. Using DVDs guided by expert professionals, novice learners can experience first-hand the breathing exercises and other hallmarks of yoga and Pilates workouts.

Enhance Flexibility
Intermediate practitioners can use elongating yoga and Pilates props such as bands and straps to deepen the stretches in their routines, improve flexibility, and go beyond their current skill levels. Breathing deeply throughout the stretches with the use of these props supplies oxygen to the muscles and ensures heightened flexibility for those seeking to push their limits. Accurately monitor your progress using a activity tracker to better assess your overall fitness.

Build Muscle Tone
Advanced practitioners can choose resistance yoga and Pilates accessories such as blocks and Pilates circles to increase the exertion level in their workouts and build more muscle tone. Applying more effort by raising the amount of reps in the workout or holding postures for longer periods can aid in increasing additional core strength and definition.

Comfort, Ease, and Portability
Mats and socks aid in giving traction and cushioning for yoga and Pilates practitioners. Accessories such as bags help keep yoga equipment together for quick and easy transport to the gym or workout room.

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Stamina AeroPilates Stand
Item : WYF078275557474 / Model : 55-4150
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  • Stand (for use with 4 cord machines)
  • Material: Steel frame
  • Elevates reformer about 10'' to allow for more advanced exercises
Stamina AeroPilates Double Power Cord for Extra Resistance
Item : WYF078275556837 / Model : 05-0102
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  • Two power cords for up to 40% extra resistance
  • Material: Elastic cord, nylon cover, plastic knob
  • Easily upgraded to add resistance to your strength training goals
Stamina AeroPilates Level 3 Simply Cardio
Item : WYF078275558638 / Model : 05-9127D
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  • Simply cardio workout
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Weight loss
Stamina AeroPilates Level 1 Integrated Workout
Item : WYF078275557478 / Model : 05-9121D
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  • Integrated workout
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Coordination and balance
Stamina AeroPilates with Rebounder and Stand
Item : WYF078276643603 / Model : 55-4266
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  • Includes AeroPilates stand, 2 DVD with 4 workouts, introduction to AeroPilates DVD, AeroPilates level 1 pure pilates DVD, AeroPilates level 1 simply cardio DVD, AeroPilates level 1 integrated DV
  • Material: Steel frame, vinyl upholstered carriage, nylon ropes and fuzzy hand/foot straps
  • Stand to elevate reformer 10" off the ground
Stamina AeroPilates Pro 557
Item : WYF078275556841 / Model : 55-5557
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  • Add the benefit of cardiovascular fitness to traditional Pilates with the oversized Free-Form Cardio Rebounder. Just push off from the Free-Form Cardio Rebounder while lying on your back. You wi
  • Performs over 100 exercises to tone and shape the entire body
  • Longer rails, nine" longer than our standard reformer, to accommodate taller users
Stamina AeroPilates Pull Up Bar Accessory
Item : WYF078275559682 / Model : 55-0012
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  • Pull-Up bar accessory
  • Adds more upper body strength exercises to usual reformer routine
  • Fits select aeropilates reformers i.e. 55-5000, 55-4700 and 55-4650
Stamina AeroPilates Performer
Item : WYF078275556836 / Model : 55-4650
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  • Includes AeroPilates with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder Level 1 Workout DVD
  • Includes full-color workout wall chart
  • Includes AeroPilates Free-Form Cardio Rebounder Cardio Workout DVD
Stamina AeroPilates Stand II
Item : WYF078275557475 / Model : 55-4050
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  • Stand (for use with 3 cord machines)
  • Material: Steel
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
Stamina Aero Pilates Pro XP 556
Item : WYF078277472735 / Model : 55-5556
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  • Includes AeroPilates Level 1 Workout DVD
  • Includes AeroPilates 20 minute Cardio Workout DVD
  • Includes AeroPilates full-color workout wall chart
Stamina AeroPilates Head and Neck Support Pillow
Item : WYF078275558532 / Model : 55-0015
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  • Head and neck support pillow
  • Material: Foam filled with stitched vinyl covering that can be wiped clean
  • Provides comfort and supports neck and head during some Pilates reformer exercises
Stamina AeroPilates 4 Piece Box & Pole Set
Item : WYF078275558642 / Model : 05-0025
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  • Includes box, pole, strap and workout DVD
  • Box and pole
  • Padded, upholstered cover
Stamina AeroPilates Level 2 Simply Cardio
Item : WYF078275558636 / Model : 05-9126D
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  • Includes workout DVD (Approximately 16 minutes)
  • Simply cardio workout
  • Improves total body strength
Stamina Pilates Magic Circle with Workout DVD
Item : WYF078275556838 / Model : 05-0020R
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  • DVD includedSpecifications: 90 days
  • Use to improve muscle tone especially inner and outer thighs, arms and chest
  • Professional grade, nonporous, molded padding
Stamina AeroPilates Level 3 Pure Pilates
Item : WYF078275558637 / Model : 05-9125D
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  • Includes 32 minute workout DVD
  • Pilates workout
  • Strength and flexibility
Stamina Pilates Spine Corrector Barrel
Item : WYF078275558466 / Model : 55-4250
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  • Includes 20-minute workout video to go over 14 basic exercises
  • Designed by Joseph Pilates to be used as a way to open the chest and to correct or restore the curve of the spine
  • The Pilates Spine Corrector Barrel is used in studios all over the world including Master Pilates
Stamina Pilates Power Cord (single) for increased resistance
Item : WYF078275556835 / Model : 05-0101
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  • Fits any Stamina Pilates reformer
  • This cord adds 40% more resistance than the original cords included with your Stamina Pilates reformer
  • Replacing the cord on your reformer is easy and instructions are included
Stamina AeroPilates Premier
Item : WYF078275559680 / Model : 55-4700
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  • Curved footbar
  • Oversized patented free-form cardio rebounder is 2" taller than standard rebounder
  • Head and neck support pillow can be attached to the headrest for additional neck support
Stamina AeroPilates Level 3 Integrated Workout
Item : WYF078275558639 / Model : 05-9123D
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  • Includes workout DVD (approximately 38 minutes)
  • Integrated workout
  • Strength and flexibility
Stamina AeroPilates Level 1 Intro Workout
Item : WYF078275557477 / Model : 05-9120D
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  • Includes 30 minute DVD-workout section is approximately 20 minutes, and proper form section is approximately 10 minutes
  • Intro workout
  • Strength and flexibility