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Presentation Boards

Whether you need to display information to one person or a large group, presentation boards can help you make a great impression. Available in a variety of materials, these boards can be assembled and disassembled quickly. They are lightweight enough to travel but durable enough to last through several iterations of the project.

Pick Your Medium
These display boards are available in different types of materials including foam, fabric, and corrugated board. Whatever your particular need, you're sure to find something that fits. Corrugated board works well for temporary exhibits or one-time presentations. Fabric boards can be reused over and over again and are great for companies looking for long-term solutions.

Easy to Use
When time is of the essence, these display boards can be assembled and taken down quickly. Most of the presentation boards come in a folded design, so all that is needed is for you to unfold and arrange the board to set up the exhibit and then refold it to pack it away. Use Velcro, tape, pins, and tacks to add items to the boards or write information on them using pencils and markers.

Made from strong materials such as PVC, polystyrene, and two-ply corrugated board, these presentation boards will perform admirably under stress. With proper care, many of the boards from Elmer's, Apollo, ACCO, and other manufacturers can be used multiple times for many years. If something does get lost or broken, you can easily find replacement parts to fix the problem. 

Presentation boards and dry erase whiteboards can be used for a number of things including art, science exhibits, sales presentations, projects, and award displays. If you're looking for a more professional way to display your awards and art, shop our display and art easel deals
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