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Time Clock Cards & Racks

These physical time clock cards don't malfunction like purely mechanical systems, and they are easy to replicate. Install racks wherever needed for quick and easy access for your employees. Thin clock cards take up little room, so you can store many of them in a small area for emergency use.

Creates a Physical Record
Instead of relying purely on electronic time record keeping, trust these physical records to hold strong through power outages and software glitches. Physical cards are easy to store in files for quick viewing, and editing the times requires no complex software manipulation. You can also make copies of these physical cards with a scanner in seconds.

Convenient Storage and Organization
Time clock card racks can be attached to a wall right next to your time clock so that employees don't have to hunt down their cards when clocking in or out. Some of these rack options are customizable and can be changed to accommodate different sizes of cards, allowing you to change card systems without purchasing new storage racks. These racks hold a limited number of cards while also allowing everyone to see who each particular card belongs to, making them perfect for small businesses with a low number of employees.

Easy to Use
Each of these time clock card options is made to fit a specific machine or group of machines, so they work seamlessly with your preferred clock. These cards require little training to use, making it easy for both new and old workers to learn a new system. Focus on work instead of worrying about complicated software.

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