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Eye Protection & Safety

Eye protection helps keep workers safe and reduces or eliminates many hazards of working with chemicals or in dusty environments. The wide selection of available tools helps you deal with both regular working conditions and emergencies. Protection is key for many construction or manufacturing jobs.

Durable Lenses
Protective goggles and glasses feature durable lenses that prevent many forms of potential harm. This includes impact damage as well as irritation from airborne materials. Durable lenses require little upkeep and last for quite some time.

Sturdy Straps
Goggles and some specialized glasses also have sturdy straps that keep them in place. Straps are often preferable to arms as they prevent the lenses from sliding during use and allow you to work at many different angles. Sturdy straps can also help create an airtight option that can help protect eyes from environmental hazards.

Effective Cleansers
Powerful cleansers and eye washes can quickly eliminate chemicals or debris that affects the eyes of workers. Exposure to liquid or airborne agents may cause harm, and cleansers can help neutralize their effects. When working in potentially hazardous environments, including around chemicals and particulate matter, consider ear protection as well as that for the eyes and nose.

Swappable Parts
Modern eye protection often features swappable parts that allow you to quickly repair important pieces of safety gear to keep it in the field longer. These include straps and lenses for goggles and glasses as well as refill kits for eye washes or cleansers. The use of swappable parts can help reduce overall operational costs while ensuring continued safety for workers in a multitude of settings.


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