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Brother TZe-2312PK 1/2" P-Touch Label Tape, Black on White, 2/Pack
$ 36.99
Sharpie® Fine Point Permanent Markers, Black, 12/pk (30001)
$ 9.99
Post-it® Super Sticky Notes, 3" x 3", Canary Yellow, 10 Pads/Pack (654-10SSCY)
$ 17.99
Logitech MK320 Full-Size Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Optical Mouse Combo (920002836)
$ 24.99
BIC® Round Stic® Ballpoint Pens, Black Ink, Medium Point, 60/Box
$ 5.99
Staples Pastel Colored Copy Paper, 8 1/2" x 11", Blue, 500/Ream (14786)
$ 11.99
BIC® Wite-Out® Brand EZ Correct™ Correction Tape, 4/Pack
$ 5
Bounty® Select-A-Size™ Paper Towels, 8 Regular Rolls (PGC 88187/81531)
$ 14.99
Logitech MK520 Full-Size Wireless Keyboard and Optical Mouse Combo (920-002553)
$ 59.99
Logitech MK270 Full-Size Wireless Keyboard and Compact Mouse Combo (920-004536)
$ 29.99
Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker
$ 19.99
Staples Pastel Colored Copy Paper, 8 1/2" x 11", Pink, 500/Ream (14779)
$ 11.99
Epson EX3240 SVGA 800 x 600 Resolution 3LCD Projector, White
$ 399.99
Kleenex® Facial Tissues, 4 Boxes/Pack, 160 Tissues/Box, 2-Ply
$ 7.49
Westcott® 13023/13403 All Purpose Scissors, Pointed Tip, 8", Value with Bent Handle (Red, Black, Blue) 3 Pack
$ 11.99

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Preparing for a successful start of the school year starts with the right teaching supplies. Planners and workbooks help keep the day organized while arts and crafts supplies allow students to learn and grow in fun and interesting ways. Keep pens, pencils and paper on hand for note taking and inspire deep thoughts with interesting motivational wall art. From name tags and file organizers to crayons, markers and more, Staples has a wide selection of classroom supplies to meet every need.

Writing Materials For Practical and Creative Purposes

A staple of any classroom, writing implements allow students to take notes, write papers and sketch out the concepts being taught at the front of the room. Pens and pencils are available in a wide range of colors, from the traditional black and blue to neon, glitter and metallic options, which makes grading and taking notes much easier, and they allow students to exercise their creativity. Paper in different shapes and sizes allows students and educators alike to customize their projects and find the right fit for binders and notebooks. Rulers and highlighters make it easy to write in a straight line or emphasize a point on a certain page.

Workbooks and Organizers Make it Easy to Plan and Teach

Workbooks and organizers help both students and teachers plan out the days, weeks and months ahead as they work through new concepts and ideas. Lesson planners make it simple to map out the whole school year while day planners keep you on track day to day. Workbooks and other similar activity-based books offer exercises in a wide range of subjects to help students learn by doing and make dry subjects more fun.

Inspire Creativity With Art and Craft Classroom Supplies

Art and craft supplies help bring a creative element to the classroom. Crayons and markers allow students to draw images related to the topics they are currently learning about. Construction paper and notebooks provide space for children to sketch. Painting supplies, such as brushes, acrylic paints and cups, give students the opportunity to explore their artistic side in a fun and educational way. 

Encourage Learning With Classroom Decor

Pens and notebooks aren't the only teaching supplies a classroom needs. Informational poster sets educate while adding warmth and color to the classroom. Pocket charts make it easy to organize books, reports and other information in an accessible way. Borders and trimmers create an inviting learning environment while brightly colored storage buckets and cabinets help keep the school neat and tidy.

Rewards and Incentives Reinforce Good Behavior

Making learning fun with a variety of teacher's supplies like stickers and certificates motivates students to try their hardest each and every day. Reward tickets give children the opportunity to work toward something they want by improving study habits and grades. Brightly colored stickers with phrases like, "Good Job!," "Excellent!" and "Spectacular!" let students know when they've been successful on a test, paper or any other project they turned in for a grade. Certificates acknowledge major achievements and reward students for completing major milestones in their educational career. 

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