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iPad Speakers, Docks & Keyboards

Available iPad docks and keyboards help you get the most out of your versatile tablet computer. Docks hold the iPad in place during use and add functionality. Keyboards designed for the portable device make it easier to input information quickly and effectively.

Accurate Data Input
The wide selection of iPad keyboards makes it easy to choose just the right setup for your needs. Advanced 10-key peripherals allow you to quickly perform data entry tasks without relying on on-screen controls. Backlit QWERTY-style keyboards let you easily read letters and numbers even on darkened airplanes or in dim restaurant settings.

Advanced Data Transfer
Many modern iPad docks let you interface with other systems. Connect your iPad to a dock to gain full USB functionality or the ability to use your device with older printers that require serial cables. To transfer your data to other systems online, check out wireless Time Capsule systems.

Enhanced Ergonomics
The iPad keyboards come in both traditional and ergonomic styles. The split-key design and elevated interface of ergonomic keyboards can reduce stress as you type for long hours. This delivers enhanced comfort while you work.
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