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The Apple iPad packs a large amount of power in a compact form, letting you tackle business operations from virtually anywhere. The exceptional communication tools of the iPad help you keep in touch with coworkers. It also delivers countless hours of entertainment as you travel.

Powerful Processing
Modern iPad systems feature dramatic advances over previous mobile and portable processors. With the exceptional power found in the iPad's A5 and A7 chips, the device can render multimedia presentations and stream movies with equal ease. The motion coprocessors allow for additional inputs including orientation and force feedback systems for quick and efficient operation.

Excellent Battery Life
Further advances in battery technology help the latest generation of iPad devices run longer, even when using battery-intensive applications. This ensures that you'll have remaining battery charge when you need it most. To keep your system running at its best, try a protective iPad smart cover.

High-Quality Video Communications
The iPad Air and iPad mini systems simplify video teleconferencing with built-in FaceTime cameras and high-definition video recording capabilities. These let you record video for product sales on your company's web site or connect with friends and family in a virtual environment. The cameras also work with many apps for augmented-reality entertainment.

Exceptional Compatibility
The iOS operating system lets you run many applications from Apple's App Store. These further enhance the functionality of your system, letting you customize your iPad with ease. Pick and choose the financial, entertainment, and business applications that best suit your work and home needs.


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