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Boost Office Morale

Whether your business is experiencing prosperous or challenging times office morale should be a company priority. Following are some tips to help you keep employees' spirits and productivity high.

Get your employees involved

Involve your employees in as many decisions as possible. Consider hosting a roundtable to discuss upcoming company initiatives, future department projects, and even current morale. Ask your employees for input on such questions as how to improve morale and on what assignments they might like to work.

Celebrating today's win provides the inspiration for tomorrow's effort.

Be honest

No matter what situation your company may be facing let your employees know the real deal as soon as possible. The article How to Keep Employee Morale High During a Slump published in the Atlanta Business Chronicle reminds "the one thing that is worse than trying to cover up bad news is hearing what circulates on the rumor mill."

Laugh a little human resources business expert Margaret Lobenstine, founder of Alternative Approaches, recommends bringing "humor to the workplace by encouraging employees as well as management to put jokes/cartoons up on time clocks, bulletin boards, in the lunchroom, etc."

Accentuate the positive

Even if you can't eliminate the negative, remind your staff of the many changes your company has already successfully weathered. Offer specific examples such as the implementation of a new computer system, the move to a new location, or the reorganization that resulted in the hiring of a new executive officer.

Celebrate successes

When a full department, team, or individual wraps up a project, recognize their accomplishment before moving onto the next task. In the article Boosting Employee Morale, the Small Business Administration says "celebrating today's win provides the inspiration for tomorrow's effort."

Thank all of your employees

When expressing your appreciation, refrain from focusing only on the company "stars." Praise all those deserving of acknowledgement from all departments — facilities, office management, customer service, etc.

Lend a helping hand

The little stresses of every day life can quickly cause people to burn out. If you have the resources, consider offering flex–time to employees with daycare constraints, suggest employees take an afternoon off during the holiday season to do some off–peak shopping, or help workers who are having car problems get a ride to and from work.

Encourage daily walks

Everyone needs a little time to decompress; Sandy Ewing, a human resources consultant, says a walk is a great way to unwind. According to Ewing, movement increases creativity and helps people get their work done faster. She suggests letting your employees know it's okay to take short breaks and go out for walks. To show your endorsement of short walks, Ewing recommends taking walks during one–on–one meetings with employees.

Have answers and aid all in one place

Be sure to let your employees know who will address their questions about the future of the company or interoffice workings. Also provide your staff with any information about an employee assistance program that might help them with their individual concerns.

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