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How to Write Business Greetings

You've just landed the deal of the year. One of your suppliers just rushed an order to your office at no extra charge. Your banker just extended a sizable loan that will help you grow your business. All times when you shouldn't forget your manners.

The importance of saying thanks

Thanking your business associates for their business, kind gestures, and hard work will help you to build stronger relationships with them. Sending thank–you notes with a memorable message can also promote your company's creativity and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Unfortunately, dreaming up an inspired sentence is easier said than done.


Sandra Louden, a professional greeting card writer and author of the book Greeting Cards, offers many feasible suggestions. First, keep your personal notes short; no more than 20 words are optimal to keep the card from looking cluttered. Also, choose an easy–to–read font if you print your cards, and be sure not to crowd too much information around your logo or signature.

Louden further recommends avoiding stiff, impressive words. "A greeting card is a form of communication... it should sound like a person talking. Sincerity and simplicity — often with a pinch of humor added — are your biggest allies."

If possible, use a pun or play on words to direct attention to your company. An accounting firm sending out holiday cards, for example, might write a message like "As the old year ends and we tally up our blessings... we count your business among them. Season's greetings and wishes for a prosperous New Year," suggests Louden.

Puns can add humor to your message, according to Louden, but use of certain ones should be avoided — "ewe" for you, "bear– y" or "berry" for very, and "tanks" for thanks. Remember any use of puns or play on words "must be instantly recognizable, to–the–point and clear."

In addition to the personal messages you send, consider a catchy tagline like these sample greetings written by Sandra Louden.

From a Law Office: 
Beyond a doubt (reasonable or otherwise)...
You're a valued client and we appreciate your business.

From a Technology Company:
For once, there's no need to get technical...
We value your business!

From a Contractor:
The foundation of our success builds year–by–year with valued customers like you.

General Business Verses:
Good customers aren't everything... they're the only thing. 

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