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Chairmat Buying Tips

Are you buying a new chair? You may also want to purchase a chairmat for safety, maneuverability, and protection of your furnishings and equipment.

A chairmat is an important accessory for chairs with casters. Chairmats provide a smooth, hard surface for your chair, so you can move easily about your work area. They also protect floors and carpets from unnecessary wear, and protect your hardware from static electricity. The tips below will help you choose the chairmat that's right for you.

Cleated vs. Non-Cleated

Chairmats with cleated backs are suggested for carpets and rugs. Cleated chairmats are offered in various depths depending on your carpet — deep cleats work for deep/plush carpeting; standard cleats are for medium–pile carpeting.

Non–cleated mats are best used on tile, wood or linoleum floors.


Clear, textured surfaces hide scuffing while also allowing the carpet or flooring to show through.


Chairmats are available in three standard shapes — traditional, rectangle and contour. Choose the shape you need depending on your workarea. Traditional shapes work under desks and rectangle mats are useful for workcenters, for example.

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