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Use Color To Improve Your Filing System

Color is the easiest and most efficient way to organize a chaotic filing system or make a good filing system even better. Color–coding not only speeds up your filing process, but also helps you locate files faster.

Adding color

You can add color to your files in three ways:

Make files stand out

Color also makes special files for major accounts, confidential materials, customer problems, rush jobs, and important projects stand out instantly the minute you open your file drawers. In particular, doctors' and lawyers' offices can benefit from color coding because of the large volume of sensitive documents they produce.

One example of how to color–code any filing system is to use green folders for financial data and red for urgent materials.

Pinpoint individual folders

Color–coding also allows you to pinpoint individual folders that need special attention and zero in immediately on different subjects in folders in your desk or credenza. In file drawers color helps because you can find a misplaced file instantly. A green folder stuck in a yellow section, for example, will catch your eye immediately.

Color–coding can also:

  • Instantly identify different departmental information;
  • Specify numeric breakdowns of specific data;
  • Help differentiate distinct time periods or financial reporting dates; and
  • Keep office or procedures forms separate and readily accessible.

The most important reason for adding color to your filing system is to make it easier and more efficient for you to find what you need.

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