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Fold, Stack, and Go with Flexible Furniture

Tables and Chairs that Make Set Up and Storage Easy

If you're holding a meeting, hosting a conference, or just need extra seating or work space, chairs and tables that can be folded, stacked, and moved around easily are an ideal solution. They're almost effortless to put into position or put away, and their compactness when not in use is extremely appealing.

Folding banquet tables

Use these tables for conferences, office parties, or any occasion where fast, easy set up is required. They're generally constructed with sturdy steel legs and tops of durable plastic–covered particle board or rugged polyethylene (a resin that's about 35% lighter than wood) that resists chipping and peeling. These types of tables are fairly lightweight — about 60 to 70 pounds — so one or two people can move them around with ease. When open, they're about 30 inches high; when closed (the legs fold in towards the underside of the tabletop) they're just a few inches high and flat, so a minimum of storage space is required. The most common folding table size is about six feet long and about 24 inches wide. Look for self–locking legs for safety and a steel–reinforced channel along the table length for added stability. Most folding tables can be used indoors or out due to their all–weather construction. Some can be height adjusted as well, which increases their flexibility.

Meeting room tables

Lightweight and portable, small meeting room tables are perfect for informal conferencing or as added workspace. Most are made from steel, and have tops coated with laminate or melamine, durable materials that resist scratches, abrasions, and stains. Some have casters for mobility or height–adjustable work surfaces. Meeting room tables come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from round to oblong. Use one small table to increase your work area or arrange multiple tables end to end or at various angles to fit your needs. They can also be used as accent tables in a reception area or as a food or beverage table for an office celebration.

Folding chairs

This kind of chair is perfect for occasions when you need extra seating, such as a company–wide meeting or an office party. Generally sold in groups of four, most folding chairs have tubular steel frames, which makes them durable, yet lightweight. Some have foam padded seats and backrests for comfort. They're an attractive choice because they are inexpensive, can be cleaned easily, and are a snap to transport, set up and store.

Stacking chairs

Often used in reception areas or meeting rooms, these chair types are also handy when you need additional seating, but stacking chairs are generally more stylish than folding chairs. They are usually sold in cartons of three or four, and come in various styles, some with arm rests. Most stackable chairs have metal legs, with padded fabric seats and backrests. The fabric, which is treated with a stain resistant coating, comes in a variety of colors and textures. When not in use, the chairs can be placed one on top of another for compact storage or transport. Depending on the style of the chair, you can stack five to twelve chairs together.

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