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Design and Print Your Own Labels

Your company mails contracts to clients, brochures to prospective patrons, and invoices for services rendered. You may also ship equipment to tradeshows or boxes of your company's products to customers. 

Whatever you mail, each envelope and box should have two goals — to get to the right place on time and to make the right impression on the recipient. 

Make your mailings stand out

In your quest to build your business, you may have overlooked the importance of address and shipping labels. However, Avery, a leading label manufacturer, reminds business owners that "the mailing label is the first thing the recipient sees." Essentially, your label is your first opportunity to wow the receiver and say, "this envelope/package is worth opening."

If you're thinking, "custom–designed labels aren't in the budget for this year," think again. For approximately $20 to $40 you can purchase 1,500 laser, inkjet, or pin–fed computer labels, then design and print your own labels.

Ready-to-use online label templates

Not sure exactly how to design professional looking labels? Avery offers pre–designed label templates. You pick the label format you like and then plug in your information.

For more elaborate templates, check out the Hewlett–Packard template gallery. These label templates allow you to include eye–catching artwork and borders, give you the ability to add color, and provide preset areas where you can insert your company's logo.

Label tips

Use color to draw attention to important information such as your company's name or logo.

"Use larger labels on your envelopes and packages to give you more 'billboard' space to add graphics, logos, or special messages," recommends Avery.

If you plan to use artwork, rather than using a random or unrelated graphic, take a digital photograph of your company's main office building and use this picture to dress–up your labels.

Durable, weatherproof labels are more likely to withstand harsh weather conditions and arrive in good condition.

If you hand–write recipients' addresses, be sure to use a pen with waterproof ink to avoid smudges that may make the recipient's address unreadable to the Post Office or shipping company.

If you use computer–printed labels, use a minimum font size of 10 to 12, so the address is readable at an arm's length.

Provide the Post Office or shipping company with accurate shipping information, such as the recipient's full name, complete address, city and state information, and zip code with the four–digit extension code. Correct address information will help insure that your package makes it to your recipient on time and intact.

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