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What type of table do you need?

Folding banquet table

Ideal for: Conferences, meetings, office parties, or any occasion where fast, easy set up is required. Because they fold flat, these tables can be transported and stored easily.

Key features:

  • Constructed with sturdy steel legs and tops of durable plastic–covered particle board or rugged polyethylene (about 35% lighter than wood) that resists chipping and peeling.
  • For safety and durability, many have vinyl edging to protect corners and soften sharp edges. Steel feet are usually capped with plastic to prevent floor damage.
  • Are fairly lightweight — about 60 to 70 pounds — so one or two people can set up and move table around with ease.
  • When open, most tables are about 30" high; when closed (the legs fold in toward the underside of the tabletop) most are just a few inches high and flat, so minimum storage space is required.
  • The most common size is rectangular, about six feet long and about 24" wide. Round tables are also available, with a diameter of about 60". Some models can be height adjusted, which increases their flexibility.
  • Look for self–locking legs for safety and a steel–reinforced channel along the table length for added stability.
Tip: Most folding tables can be used indoors or out due to their all–weather construction.

Reception room table

Ideal for: Reception areas, offices, or homes where extra space is needed for lamps, reading materials, or phones.

Key features:

  • Coffee tables, which are rectangular or oval, are about 16" high, 45" wide, and 22" deep. Usually placed in front of a row of chairs or a sofa.
  • Straight or end tables, which are square or circular, are about 20" high, 20" wide, and 20" deep. Typically fit next to a chair or in a corner.
  • Constructed of either wood or painted steel. Metal is more durable, but wood may better complement other office furnishings.
  • Look for a durable coated top that is scratch–, stain–, and heat–resistant. Some models have drawers for added storage.
What’s available: A wide variety of styles are available, from traditional to contemporary, in various stains, such as oak, walnut, or mahogany. Some steel tables are part of modular collections and are meant to be connected together, or with reception room chairs.

Meeting room table

Ideal for: Work rooms, meeting rooms, or offices where people gather and need to be seated at the same table. Large meeting room tables are perfect for seating many people and are intended to be a permanent fixture in a conference room. Small meeting room tables seat fewer people and are useful for informal conferences or added work space in offices.

Key features:

  • Large tables seat six or more people comfortably. Available in oval or rectangular shapes, these tables vary in size by style, but are about 29" high, 45" wide and up to 96" long.
  • Small tables seat three people comfortably. Available in round, square, or rectangular shapes, these tables are approximately 29" high, with widths up to 48". Generally lightweight and portable, some have casters for mobility or height–adjustable work surfaces.
  • Most tables have steel bases and thick–coated, wood–grain tops that resist stains and marring. Some models have plastic edging for further protection of the finish, especially when chairs are pushed against the edge continually.
  • Most have solid metal bases; some have wooden bases to match the tabletops. Metal is the most durable base type, but wood is also durable and may better complement other office furniture.
What’s available: A wide variety of styles is available, from traditional to contemporary, in various stains, such as cherry, oak, or mahogany. Some styles have matching wooden conference room chairs, or coordinating utility carts and presentation stands to complete the office ensemble.

Drafting table

Ideal for: Drawing or sketching, or any other detail–intensive work that requires a flat, angled surface and a base that’s adjustable.

  • Has a plastic–coated top that’s stain and scratch resistant. Approximately 42" wide, the top accepts a clamp–on or magnifying lamp (sold separately).
  • Tubular steel base is about 30" wide and 28" deep. Folds down to about 7" wide, and is adjustable from about 30" to 45".
  • Top and base are usually separate pieces (sometimes sold separately) and come apart for easy transport.
What’s available: Try an adjustable stool with a drafting table. Stool features height–adjustable and fabric–covered seat that swivels, a metal footrest, and casters for mobility.

Shop and utility table

Ideal for: Heavy–duty work, such as packing or shipping. Often used in mailrooms or workrooms. An easy, economical way to expand a work area. About the same size as a folding banquet table, but much more stable and sturdy.

Key features:

  • Usually made of steel for durability.
  • Most have high–pressure wood–grain or baked–enamel tops with durable stain– and scratch–resistant finishes.
  • Dimensions vary by model, but most are approximately 30" high and 60" wide.
  • Base is sometimes height adjustable for flexibility.
  • Heavy–gauge models can support approximately 4,000 lbs.
What’s available: Some models have attached packing paper roll holders, rotary cutters, shelves, and drawers to dispense and store packing materials and tools.

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