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Learn More About White Glove™

White Glove Furniture ServiceTM

White Glove™ features

Features: With Bush® Business Furniture’s exclusive White Glove Furniture Service™ your furniture is:

  • Fully assembled and installed including adjustment of doors, drawer fronts and floor levelers.
  • Delivered to your home or office, to the room of your choice.
  • Installed in your workspace to your specifications in a single visit.
  • Carefully inspected with every surface dusted.
  • All packaging material removed.
  • Allow 14–21 business days for your assembled furniture to be delivered. 
  • The cost of White Glove Service™ is included in the price of the product.
Look for: White Glove Service™ is available on select Bush® products and collections, which are often denoted with the following icon.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the assemblers be at my home or office? 
Most furniture will be pre–assembled off–site so only installation will be necessary. Bush Business Furniture estimates an installation time of 30 minutes for desks, hutches, credenzas, file cabinets, and conference tables.

How many pieces can be installed in one day? 
Typically only large multi–user installations (five or more users) would require a half day.

During what hours are installations done? Can I make an appointment? 
Before your furniture arrives you will be contacted to make a delivery and installation appointment. Bush® Business Furniture makes appointments Monday through Friday, 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Delivery windows are given. For example, your furniture could arrive anytime between 8 A.M. and 12 P.M. on a specified day. Tighter delivery windows can be arranged upon request.

Is the assembly process guaranteed? What if I don’t like the furniture once it has been assembled? 
As with all products, Staples offers no–hassle returns.

How can I contact a furniture specialist to get more information about White Gloveservice? 
A furniture specialist can be contacted at 1–877–638–8001.


Additional charges:  May apply in certain circumstances, including, but not limited to the following. 

  • Limited access to building, no elevator, staircase, extremely narrow doorways, parking or roadway restrictions that impede normal delivery
  • Customer not available during normal business hours (8am to 5pm local time) within a regular four hour delivery window.
  • Delivery to more than one floor above or one floor below the first floor

 Will not handle electronic devices, electrical systems, or move existing furniture or appliances.

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