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Low Prices. Every item. Every day. We price-guarantee it.

With Staples 365 Savings you can always feel good about shopping Staples for all your business needs. It means, any day you shop at Staples, you'll save. We price-match guarantee it. Get details on the price-match guarantee.

How do we know our prices are so good? Simple. We review our prices, compare our prices, and find new ways to lower them. If you find a lower price, anywhere else, on a new identical item, just show us the lower price when buying the item at Staples, or within 14 days after your Staples purchase — and we'll give you the difference.

We're making it easy to save even more throughout the year. Look for these signs throughout the site, in your Staples catalog and circular, and in our stores.

Whenever we find new ways to lower our prices, this sign will let you know.

For bonus savings, take advantage of these exceptional limited-time values.

Volume discounts that will help you maximize your savings.

Staples-brand products that help you save over brand-name prices.

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