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Staples Back to School Center 2011: High School

Get back to school supplies like backpacks, binders, laptops, flash drives and snacks.

High School

Between tryouts, dating and student council campaigning, you have to squeeze in some school. Make your year easier by getting the supplies and tech you need.

Once you've got homework handled, you'll have time for important things — like negotiating a later curfew.

Studies, sports and social.

The high school balancing act made easy.

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Just your average high school locker.

Check out these must-haves for students in grades 8–12.

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High school horoscope.

Your future is all good. Check it out.

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High school: Have it all.
How to balance school, sports, and social life.

A great report card isn't enough to get you into college these days.

Can you have it all in high school? Can you shoot for the honor roll, play sports, and still have a social life? The key to having it all is "everything in moderation." Don't spend all your time socializing or on the sports field, but (you'll like this part) don't spend all your time studying either.

Good grades plus more

A great report card isn't enough to get you into college these days. The best colleges want students who are well-rounded, and you should have other things to talk about besides your grades.

So it's ok to leave the library for the sports field, but make sure you actually enjoy it; don't do it just to make yourself look good. (If you don't like school sports, try a community league or a sports club.) You won't have a lot of free time, and you shouldn't hate what you're doing. You don't want added stress.

In fact, your social life is important because it's a chance to release stress. Reward yourself with some free time after you finish your homework every day. And set aside one big chunk of time each week for making plans with your friends.

Stay ahead of the game

Having said this, academics should be your priority, and these are the most important things you need to know to make it all go more smoothly:

  • If you're having trouble in a class, make an appointment to meet with your teacher. Most teachers are free before or after school, and some have tutors to recommend. The bonus is that you'll get brownie points for showing you care enough to ask for help.
  • Take advantage of study halls for homework, and get your hardest assignments over with first. If you find yourself with extra time to study, get a jump-start on future homework ahead of time. Recent research has shown we're capable of going hours without a study break, so, don’t worry — your brain won't get fried!
  • Don't skimp on sleep! You can't succeed at school, sports or socializing without it.

Check out these supplies.

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What's your high school horoscope?
See what's in store this school year.


Mar 21 – Apr 20

Bust through those double doors on the first day like the battering ram you are. But, remember while you're plotting how you'll destroy the opposing ultimate frisbee team, it'd be better if you channeled your competitive nature towards your studies. But, if that doesn't work, kick those frisbee-flinging kids' keesters!


Apr 21 – May 21

Start the school year off right by making small adjustments to your summer schedule. That way, you'll get into school mode without feeling overwhelmed come September. Remember, it's in your nature to persevere–it would be helpful to remind yourself of that during Advanced Chem.


May 22 – Jun 21

One minute you're feeling outgoing, then not so much. It's not your crazy teenage hormones—you've just got a dual sign. Come September, make sure you're both ready and zeroed in on school. Your desire for information will serve you well if you can just stay focused. Remember us when you make it big.


Jun 22 – Jul 21

A sure-fire way to make you crabby? Not having the same classes as your friends. This year, soften your shell and make an effort to meet new people. Putting yourself out there will help you build your self-confidence. You never know, you might just meet your next BFF. OMG.


Jul 23 – Aug 21

You've got buckets of confidence—and the goods to back it up. But don't expect everything you want on a silver platter (or plastic lunch tray). You're going to have to work for what you want this year. Don't worry, it'll be worth it. You are lion, hear you roar.


Aug 22 – Sep 23

Kick off the year with a bang by getting your posse together for something fun. No need to remind you to keep your nose in the books, your work ethic is off the charts. Just try not to worry so much, it doesn't accomplish anything and it'll give you premature wrinkles. Gross.


Sep 24 – Oct 23

School, sports, and a social life—it's a lot to pack into one school year, but somehow you do it. Besides for being a balancing guru, you're the most sociable student there is. Use your ability to mix in with any crowd to befriend a new comer. You'll feel good, and so will they. A perfect balance.


Oct 24 – Nov 22

You've got a knack for reading people, which can be helpful when navigating the many personalities of high school. But make sure you use your keen instincts for good by empathizing with a misunderstood student. They might be just the person to help you get the leadership position you've been wanting.


Nov 23 – Dec 22

Even knowing that you'll soon be sitting in Pre-Calc can't get you down. Your love of change and enthusiasm for information is what allows you to excel in school and in life. Just make sure your desire to share your opinions doesn't stop the conversation, but encourages it.


Dec 23 – Jan 20

Success is your middle name. When it comes to climbing up the high school hierarchy, you’re as sure-footed as the Billy goat. You're known to set high goals. Just don't let your ambition get too out of hand. Achievement is always good, but over-working yourself never is.


Jan 21 – Feb 19

You dance to your own drum. Even though it's against all the rules of high school, keep at it. Contrary to popular belief, school is the perfect place to show off your individualism so you can start preparing for a successful future career. Your future bank account will be happy you did.


Feb 20 – Mar 20

Make yourself more available to new people and experiences. You love your downtime, it's why you're so good at introspection, but it's important to open up and let new friends see everything you have to offer. Try that, and navigating high school will be a breeze.


  • Backpacks, Laptop & Tablet Cases
  • Binders & Accessories
  • Pens Writing & Correction

Backpacks, Laptop & Tablet Cases

Binders? Check. Pens and highlighters? Check. Now you need a way to carry all your supplies to school. That's where bags come in. We have an amazing selection of backpacks, messenger bags and laptop bags in a ton of styles and colors. All with the durability you need to get through the school year.

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Find the perfect school bag.

Answer all 5 questions and we'll make our recommendation


finder_recommend_checkmarkYour best fit: Backpack

How much stuff do you have?

What's your position on pockets?

Got a style preference?

Tell us about your carrying taste.

How would you describe yourself?

Shop backpacks | Find them at a Staples store


Yup, it's the workhorse of school bags. In general, a backpack carries the heaviest load (think several textbooks, binders and supplies. Some even have a place for a laptop). A backpack also distributes weight most evenly across your back for maximum comfort and support.

Staples carries a large selection of backpacks for back to school so whether you want blue with a pocket for your cell or a bright design with side pouches, we've got you covered.

Shop backpacks | Find them at a Staples store

Messenger Bags

These over-the-shoulder bags are the most stylish of our school bag selection. They're just right for students who don't carry all their books and binders all the time. Many have a hand strap as well as a shoulder strap if you want to change up your carrying style.

And, if you fall in love with a messenger bag but want to carry your laptop to school, pair it with a laptop sleeve.

Shop messenger bags | Find them at a Staples store

Laptop Bags

These bags are made to keep your laptop dry and safe, usually with a padded frame compartment, while offering a large additional pocket for books, notebooks and cables. Many offer special storage spaces for cell phones, media gadgets and small supplies like pens.

Older students who travel by air may want a casual checkpoint-friendly bag that has a separate compartment for their laptop.

Shop laptop bags | Find them at a Staples store

You may also need a sleeve or a case.
Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves can be used alone (if you travel light) or along with a larger bag. Many feature a foam interior that offers superior shock absorption without additional weight and protects against bumps, dust and scratches.

Shop laptop sleeves | Find them at a Staples store

Tablet Cases

If you rock a tablet, we've got you (and it) covered. Staples carries a great selection of cases for iPad®, iPad 2, and top-selling models from BlackBerry®, Motorola®, Acer® and more.

Shop tablet cases | Find them at a Staples store

Binders & Accessories

Round rings, D-rings, view. One binder is definitely not like another. And there's a lot to consider when picking the perfect binders for high school. Rely on Staples to help you compare and select the right style, color and durability to meet your needs the whole year.

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Find the perfect binder.

Before you buy your first back to school binder, there are three things to consider:

1. Durability

Shop Heavy-Duty Binders Built for maximum performance with thicker chipboard panels, tough materials that will not crack and tear or stick to your papers, and premium-quality rings that stand up to heavy use.

Shop Medium-Duty Binders Works well for organizing your work and tossing in your bag before heading off to class.

Shop Light-Use Binders A budget-friendly way to organize a lot of documents.

Buying a heavy-duty binder now can save you money throughout the year.

2. Ring Type


binders_ez_ring_iconShop E-Z Turn Rings

Holds up to 50% more sheets than standard round rings.


binders_d_ring_iconShop D-Rings

Holds over 25% more than standard round rings.


binders_o_ring_iconShop Round Rings

Basic sheet capacity.

Some additional ring features include easy to open and ring locking mechanisms.

3. Color

Find all the colors and patterns to stay organized, prioritize your paperwork and show off your personal style. With our wide selection online and in store, you can find the perfect binders for your school day.

Shop Standard Colors

Shop Bright Colors

Shop Patterns

Staples Better® Binders come in over 10 colors. And they're guaranteed for life.

Pens Writing & Correction

Who knows what papers you'll write, math problems you'll master, and sketches you'll create? But, before you can put pen to paper, get the low-down on our wide variety of writing supplies. From fine-point rollerball pens to classic colored pencils, we've got the tools that will let your unique style shine.

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Find the perfect writing tools.

Your favorite pen just has that certain something. Maybe it's the smooth write of gel ink. Maybe it's a comfy grip. Or, maybe it's a pattern that's so you, no one dares swipe it. No matter what makes a pen your number one choice, you'll find it here.

Shop pens
Find them at a Staples store


The easy cleanup of dry-erase markers make them the best tools for a brainstorm. Fine-tips are for perfectionists who like to get in every detail. If you're fearless, get permanent makers. They've got bold, long-lasting ink that won't fade.

Shop markers
Find them at a Staples store


If you're looking for a pencil that can last, go for the refillable lead mechanical model. Tough on your writing tools? An unbreakable, standard yellow #2 can survive anything from furious brainstorm scribbling to the depths of any backpack.

Shop pencils
Find them at a Staples store


Pen-style highlighters are great for those who underline. If you flood your sentences in fluorescent, a tank size can deliver. Once you've picked your style, consider color. Yellows are for those who keep it classic, but a multicolor pack are more for those who color code. You know who you are.

Shop highlighters
Find them at a Staples store

Art Supplies

Crayons are great for beginners, plus they've got a unique texture. Colored pencils are for those who want to give their projects a more detailed look with shading. Next, pick your color variety. Some need a 64 mega box to summon their creativity where others just need 10 classic colors and a blank page.

Shop art supplies
Find them at a Staples store


  • Computers
  • Computer Accessories
  • Computer Software
  • Digital Storage
  • Printers, Calcs and Other Tech


In high school, your computer is everything. Between knocking out a paper, updating your status, surfing the Web and watching television, it's your go-to device once curfew comes. Luckily, we've got laptops and tablets loaded with all the stuff you need. Find yours here.

Featured offer
Get a $100 Visa® prepaid card (after easy rebate) when you buy select laptops and show your student ID.

Limit one rebate per student customer. Limit of 3 rebates per household.

Here's how it works in store:
1) Buy a qualifying laptop.
2) Show a valid student ID or acceptance letter.*
3) An easy rebate for a $100 prepaid Visa card will print out with your receipt.
4) Submit easy rebate at to receive your $100 prepaid Visa card.

Here's how it works online:
1) Buy a qualifying laptop.
2) Visit and find your rebate.
3) Submit mail in rebate along with a copy of a valid student ID or acceptance letter* to receive your $100 prepaid Visa card.

*This promotion is only valid on SKU 344162, 327658, 331465, 332979. To be eligible for this promotion a student customer must purchase a qualifying laptop and submit one of the following: 1) A current school identification card (including valid Associated Student Body ASB card); or 2) A valid post-secondary, College or university ID; or 3) An original copy of an acceptance letter to a post-secondary school with another matching form of identification. Student customer means an end customer who is currently enrolled in a secondary school/college/university or has been accepted to a post-secondary institution at the time of purchase. Staples reserves the right to discontinue offering this program at any time. Visa prepaid card will be mailed 15 days 4 to 6 weeks after submission of easy rebate. Limit of 3 rebates per household. Limit one rebate per student customer. To learn more, go to The Visa prepaid card is not redeemable for cash or usable at any ATM. Terms and Conditions apply to the card. Subject to applicable law, a monthly maintenance fee of $3 (USD) applies, but is waived for the first six months after the card is issued. Your card is issued by J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Cards can be used at any merchants that accept Visa debit cards. Staples reserves the right to substitute a check of equal value in lieu of a Visa prepaid card at its discretion. Not valid on purchases made prior to 7/3/11. See an associate for details.

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Leading laptops.
Samsung® Princeton 11.6"

Ultra thin, ultra powerful. Easily goes from the cafe to the classroom.

  • 11.6" wide screen
  • Intel® U5600 processor
  • Up to 8-hour battery
  • 4GB RAM, 320GB hard drive
  • Windows® 7 Home Premium
  • Includes a full version of Microsoft® Office Home & Student

Shop laptops | Find them at a Staples store

Toshiba® Tecra 14"

Portable, powerful and classroom ready with the software students need.

  • 14" wide screen
  • Intel® Core i3-2310M processor
  • Up to 10-hour battery, 4.19 lb.
  • 4GB RAM, 500GB hard drive
  • Windows® 7 Home Premium
  • Includes a full version of Microsoft® Office Home & Student

Shop laptops | Find them at a Staples store

Dell® Inspiron 15R 15.6"

Pop. Click. Switch. Express your style at school with switchable lids.

  • 15.6" wides creen
  • Intel® Core i3-2310N processor
  • Up to 7-hour battery, 5.39 lb.
  • 6GB RAM, 640GB hard drive
  • Windows® 7 Home Preimium

Shop now | Find them at a Staples store

HP DM4 14"

Handles the toughest tasks — even homework.

  • 14" wide screen
  • Intel® Core i5-2410M processor
  • Up to 6-hour, 45-minute battery, 4.41 lb.
  • 6GB RAM, 640GB hard drive
  • Windows® 7 Home Premium

Shop now | Find them at a Staples store

Featured offer
One-Year Peace of Mind Package. All the support you need. All year long. $99.99 with any new PC. $199.99 with existing PC.

*Valid on in-store services only and not applicable to prior purchases. To be eligible for this service plan, customers must be a Staples Rewards® member, and agree to the terms of the Staples® EasyTech(sm) work order. To be eligible for the new PC version, a computer must be purchased in the same transaction. New PCs must have antivirus software installed at time of purchase to be eligible for the service plan. Existing PC must have up-to-date antivirus software installed. Antivirus software must be purchased from Staples and is sold separately. Enrollment in the plan will activate three days from the purchase date of the service plan. Services are only available after the activation of the program. Peace of Mind services are valid for one year from the date of plan purchase and valid for one PC or laptop per customer only. Excludes tablets. Not valid on parts, EasyTech professional-grade, extended service, advanced depot repair or product replacement plans. Plan is nontransferable. Staples reserves the right to discontinue offering this plan at any time. If the plan is discontinued, customers currently enrolled will not be affected. Staples Rewards membership is free. See an associate for details.

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Tablet Research Center
Staples offers today's hottest tablet PCs from brands like Motorola®, Dell®, and BlackBerry®. Tablet Research Center.

Computer Accessories

Once you've picked your PC, go nuts choosing a snazzy-looking mouse, ergonomic keyboard and all-access wireless networking. Or jazz up your new digital best friend with extras like a Webcam for Skyping and speakers so you can rock out at maximum sound capacity. No matter what computer accessory you're craving, we've got it all right here.

Expand to see all

Find the perfect PC accessories.

Your mouse is a vital part of your PC experience. From cordless to mobile to ergonomic with a trackball, choose the model that will let you navigate easily (and without hand cramps). Plus, there's so many different colors and styles to choose from, you can give your PC its own unique personality.

Shop mice | Find them at a Staples store


You don't realize how important your keyboard is until you're hunched over it for a few hours. When finding the model that works best for your work style, consider things like ergonomic design to support your wrists, or wireless for working commuters. Also, backlit keyboards are great for those who work in less than desirable lighting, and solar-powered is perfect for users who always burn right through their batteries.

Shop keyboards | Find them at a Staples store

Wireless Networking

Be free of cords and cables forever. With wireless, you can use your computer wherever you want. Plus, connect your TV, music and gaming consoles so you can watch movies from Netflix, stream your playlists, or pummel friends at your favorite video game — no matter where they are.

Shop wireless networking | Find them at a Staples store


A crystal clear Webcam is the perfect way to keep in touch with your friends and family. With hi-def optics and super-rich video quality, you'll be able to do more than talk to mom, you can also give her a virtual hug.

Shop webcams | Find them at a Staples store


Wattage is key when it comes to speakers. If you just listen to some tunes while you work, stick with a desktop set. If you're more of the music-blasting, head-banging type, go for the two speaker with a subwoofer. Air guitar sold separately.

Shop speakers | Find them at a Staples store

Computer Software

Getting the right software can make your school experience so much easier. And we have all the software you need. Whether you want to protect your PC or Mac®, create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, build Web sites, edit photos and even learn a new language. (Or just want to play a few games!)

Expand to see all

Find essential software.
Free offer for all teachers and college students!

Buy Microsoft® Office Home & Student 2010 and download Outlook, Publisher and Access free. Plus, save more when you buy with any Windows® 7 PC.

Learn more

Office Home and Student

A must-have for any student.

  • Amp up your school reports using ready-made templates in Word 2010.
  • Share your documents online to work together with classmates and family members.
  • Add eye-catching effects and media — including video, audio, and photos — to class presentations.
  • Use OneNote® 2010 to post, share and edit notes for group projects online so everyone can work at the same time with real-time updates.

Shop now | Find them at a Staples store

Staples Exclusive Offer!

Get four years of Internet Security for just $99. It's like paying $25 a year.

Internet Security, Student Editions

Three words: Don't. Get. Hacked.

  • Proactive technology recognizes threats before they happen.
  • Protects against viruses, spyware, spam and more.
  • Prevents others from taking control of your PC.
  • Protects when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Shop now | Find them at a Staples store

Special offer for students and teachers!

Save up to 80% on full-featured Adobe software.
Proof of eligibility required.

Learn more

Adobe Student and Teacher Editions

Create, innovate, succeed.

  • Perfect for image and photo editing, Web design, print design, video and more.

Shop now | Find them at a Staples store

Digital Storage

If you go ga-ga over the amount of gigs you need or you think in terms of terabytes, there's one thing we can all agree on — you can never have too much digital storage. From burning the perfect music mix to keeping your homework in your pocket to giving your PC a boost in capacity, we've got solutions for any size need.

Expand to see all

Find the perfect memory.
USB Flash Drives

These handy drives hold up to 32GB and are super compact — they'll fit in your pocket or school bag, or even hang from your keychain. If you're the creative type, we carry them in fun colors and patterns, some with removable caps and some with retractable ones. They plus right into any USB 2.0 port and are perfect for sharing files between computers.

Shop flash drives | Find them at a Staples store

External Hard Drives

You can save anything from one playlist to the entire contents of your PC with an external hard drive. These powerhouses hold up to 3TB of data. Staples recommends that you back up your PC regularly to an external hard drive. One crash is all it takes to wipe out everything you have on your computer! Don't learn the hard way.

And, if you'd like to access your files from anywhere with an Internet connection (even on your phone), consider network-attached storage.

Shop hard drives | Find them at a Staples store

Flash Memory Cards

These super-small memory holders provide extra space for photos and music in your camera, tablet or phone. Most are SDHC (secure data high capacity) and are available up to 32GB. Micro-sized cards are perfectly sized for your extra-small camera or phone.

Be sure the card you choose is the one specified by your device, and keep spares — you know how fast they fill up.

Shop flash memory cards | Find them at a Staples store

CDs and DVDs

These donut-shaped data holders are just right for storing smaller amounts of music, documents, photos and movies. Check the product label for how much you can store (usually measured in MBs or GBs) and whether or not you can burn data once ("R") or over and over again ("RW").

CDs and DVDs are relatively inexpensive and not scratch resistant. It's always good to back them up on your computer or hard drive.

Shop CDs and DVDs | Find them at a Staples store

Printers, Calcs and Other Tech

Two secret weapons every student needs to succeed: a calculator to solve those mind-boggling math equations and a printer so you can get your work in on time. And, check out more must-haves like binders and laminators. Your work will look like A+ material every time you hand it in.

Expand to see all

Find printers, calculators and more.
Texas Instruments™ TI-Nspire™ CX Handheld Graphing Calculator
  • Visualize in full color — Color code equations, objects, points and lines on the high-resolution, full-color, backlit display.
  • Real-world images — Use digital images or your own photos.
  • Recharge with ease — The included rechargeable battery lasts up to two weeks of normal use on a single charge.
  • Calculate in style — The sleek TI-Nspire CX handheld is the thinnest and lightest TI graphing calculator model to date.

Shop graphing calculators | Find them at a Staples store

HP Photosmart e-All-in-One Printer

Print perfect papers and essays, plus Web content on the fly, without using a PC. Integrated wireless makes it easy to share with other PCs.

  • 80-sheet input tray, 15-sheet photo tray
  • Borderless printing up to 8.5" x 11"
  • Scans up to 1200 x 2400 dpi

Shop inkjet printers | Find them at a Staples store

Binding Machines

Neatness counts. Put together your report or presentation with enviable style with one of our professional binding machines.

Shop binding machines | Find them at a Staples store


Let's face it, it's fun to label. And, it's a great way to organize everything from classwork to your desk draws. Perfect for folders, containers, binders and more.

Shop labelers | Find them at a Staples store


Old paper and folders cluttering up your space? Make confetti out of last semester's schoolwork and notes. Many of our shredders even chew up old, scratched CDs.

Shop shredders | Find them at a Staples store

Projectors and Presentation Tools

Whether it's a science presentation or Saturday night at the movies, projectors can help you make it big. Perfect for the classroom, dorm room or home.

Shop projectors & presentation tools | Find them at a Staples store


Making your way from handwritten to digital? We can help. Scanners are great for converting notes, articles, photos and everything else you need to file and print out.

Shop scanners | Find them at a Staples store


You worked hard on that project, now make it look ultra sleek. Plus laminating means protecting it against the inevitable spills, messes and bad weather.

Shop laminators | Find them at a Staples store

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