Flu season is here.

Staples can help you keep sick days to a minimum. The flu season typically runs October through March. That's about six months of flu symptoms and sickness going around the office and at home. Thankfully there are some great flu prevention tactics you can take. To get ahead of flu season, make sure to stock up on disinfectants, wipes and cleaners, and most importantly, get the flu vaccine.

What's Your Flu Season Threat Level?

Germs are hiding everywhere in your workplace just waiting to hijack your immunity and sideline your productivity. Take this quiz to help you learn more about where they lurk in your workday and to assess your flu threat level.

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Flu & Wellness

The Flu’s Effect on U.S. Small Businesses [Infographic]

Every year, the flu results in lost work time, lower productivity and decreased earnings for businesses and employees. Here’s a look at what the 7-month flu season costs American owners and operators.

8 Office Health Hacks to Help You Survive Cold & Flu Season

The only thing worse than getting sick is getting sick from some rube in your office who insists on working through a cold or the flu.

6 Health Hacks for Business Travel During Cold & Flu Season

Business travel can be frustrating enough without getting a cold or the flu thanks to germy airline passengers and other unavoidable situations. Here are a few travel health tips and hacks for you road warriors.

How well do you really know the common cold vs the flu?

Even though you may have done everything possible to prevent the flu, including getting a flu shot, you may think you have the flu when you really just have a cold. How well do you know the difference between the two? These basic facts may help clear things up.

Flu vs. Cold vs. Allergies: Which Do You Have?

Do you have sniffles? A headache? A fever? All three? As flu season kicks into gear, know the important questions to ask so you can determine if you can go into work or should just stay home.

5 Ways to Create and Promote a Healthy Workplace

By emphasizing wellness, companies can reduce absenteeism, boost productivity and increase employee retention. Learn how to create a healthy workplace now.

Infographic: Healthy Workplace

Whether you work for a company of 1 or 100, your office is filled with surfaces, and many of them harbor germs. Which are the germiest? Kimberly-Clark Professional® put workspaces to the test.

Infographic: Are Your Hands Dirty from Your Morning Commute?

From door to door, what do you encounter on your way to work? What if traffic should be the least of your worries compared to all the germs you likely encounter. Learn more in this infographic.

Flu Preparation

Are you ready to fight the flu?

Staples reached out to office managers and office workers for its fifth annual flu survey to find out how businesses tackle flu season.Take this quiz to find out if your office is ready to combat the flu season this year.

4 Easy Steps to Encourage Employees to Get Flu Vaccinations

The flu is responsible for approximately 111 million lost workdays each year, and the best way to avoid the flu is to get vaccinated. Try our tips to encourage your employees to give the flu vaccination a shot.

Infographic: The Flu and You

Did you know the average office desk harbors 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat? Learn more about this and other germ facts and tips to help you keep safe at work during flu season.

10 Jobs at Risk for the Flu

While all workplaces are at risk during flu season, some are places where the virus thrives. Check out the 10 professions most likely to have contact with the flu virus, and then proceed with caution.

Could Your Workplace Policies Be Spreading the Flu?

Avoiding the flu at work takes cooperation between employers and staff in enforcing workplace policies that encourage flu prevention. It might be time to revisit your stance on telecommuting and more.

Fighting the Flu

Your Office Flu Prevention Kit

Sick days and lost productivity cost businesses like yours $7 billion every year. You need to develop an office flu prevention strategy to minimize this illness’s effect on your employees and your business.

The CDC’s Top 3 Tips for Preventing the Flu this Season

This year, Staples spoke directly with the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention to get the top 3 tips to help small businesses protect themselves from flu outbreaks. Find out what you need to do.

Keep Your Office Healthy to Prevent a Flu Outbreak

The best flu prevention tactic is to encourage and educate workers about how they can proactively fend off the flu virus. Learn how to keep your employees — and your business — in good health.

A Flu Prevention Guide for the Workplace

Flu season is upon us, and that means runny noses, chills and body aches. For a small business and its employees, that could turn into lost productivity. Learn what you can do as an employer to prevent that.

Using Hand Sanitizers for Flu Prevention in the Workplace

Hand washing has long been touted as one of the best ways to stop the spread of the influenza virus, and it is. Give employees easy access to hand sanitizers to keep your office germ free.

Disinfect Your Office to Stop the Flu at Work

Want to keep your employees healthy and productive this flu season? Give everyone in your office the tools they need so they can join in and stop the spread of flu.

Beyond Flu Prevention: Keep Your Office Running During Flu Season

While preventing the flu may be a top priority for your company, what are your plans should a bout of this disease strike? Find out what steps you should take now to keep your office running.

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