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Our Mission

Staples® Diversity Supplier Program’s mission is to help diverse businesses and historically underutilized businesses (HUBs) create job opportunities to reflect the faces of the customers we serve. Our supplier diversity strategies are designed to promote and increase the inclusion of diverse suppliers in our supply chain.

A Message from Our Director, Diversity Initiatives

Building capacity and promoting growth in our suppliers’ businesses while offering our customers something they can only get from Staples, the Easy Button®.

At Staples, supplier diversity is not only a key component of Staples Soul, - our corporate responsibility commitment – it is a business imperative.

We believe that our suppliers and associates should reflect the faces of our customers. That’s why we are committed to weaving supplier diversity into our day-to-day business strategies.

Our diverse suppliers help us meet the unique requirements of our customers by offering innovative solutions and quality products and services. By continuing to invest in our relationships with diverse suppliers, we achieve a return on investment that offers shareholder value, customer satisfaction and sustainability to our business. This is simply a winning combination.

My personal and professional commitment to building capacity within the enterprises of our diverse suppliers is foundationally supported by Staples from the top down.

We pride ourselves on providing a fair opportunity for suppliers to do business with us and challenge suppliers to bring forth value-added options that our customers can enjoy at a competitive cost. We promote entrepreneurial leadership within our organization and our suppliers’ organizations every day, knowing that just 25 years ago, Staples itself was founded by an entrepreneur.

As a global company, Staples has a responsibility to help small businesses grow and create job opportunities in their communities. We are committed to doing so and believe such growth will deliver sustainable excellence in service to our customers.

Our Commitment

Staples is committed to sustaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace by integrating diverse suppliers into our sourcing, purchasing and merchandising processes and mentoring these suppliers so that they may develop a strong foundation for future growth.

A Message from our CEO

At Staples, we are strengthening our business, fueling local economies and promoting entrepreneurship.

Staples now operates in 27 countries around the world, but like many of our diverse suppliers, we started as a small business.

Staples’ history is just one of the reasons why I am personally committed to supporting and promoting supplier diversity. In doing so, we honor our entrepreneurial roots and create mutually beneficial growth for Staples and our diverse suppliers.

As we strive to become the world’s best office products company, our Supplier Diversity Program presents Staples with several unique opportunities to:

Developing a thriving supplier diversity program is consistent with our Staples Soul values and will continue to be part of our business strategy in the coming years.

We pledge to make it easy for all suppliers to compete fairly for Staples’ business, provide diversity suppliers with access to our flourishing customer base, and mentor our diversity suppliers so they can best meet our customers’ needs.

A win for our customers, a win for our suppliers, a win for us. That’s Staples’ commitment to supplier diversity.

Ron Sargent
Chairman and CEO

Our Responsibility

Staples Soul reflects our commitment to corporate responsibility. Our Diversity Supplier Program is formally incorporated into Staples Soul. It's what moves us to embrace diversity, sustain the environment, give back to our communities and practice sound ethics. Find more information on Staples Soul.

A message from EVP of Merchandising

Through supplier diversity, Staples offers an expansive assortment of innovative products at competitive prices.

At Staples, we continually look for innovative, top-quality products and services to offer our customers. Diverse suppliers help us meet this goal and our customers’ varying needs.

That’s why we proactively seek relationships with historically underutilized businesses and encourage our prime suppliers to do the same.

Integrating diverse suppliers into our supply chain is part of our holistic approach to doing business that we call Staples Soul. We believe our suppliers should reflect the face of our customers, as well as share Staples’ commitment to our customers and our communities.

We currently provide access to more than 472 minority- and women-owned business enterprise (MWBE) products in 49 of our product categories. Our program allows diversity suppliers to reach a much broader audience and represents more than $330 million of diversity spend.

Even so, our Supplier Diversity Program is one business strategy where we see great possibility and a number of growth opportunities. To that end, we are committed to:

Since launching our Supplier Diversity Program, Staples and our diverse suppliers have experienced both quantitative and qualitative results. We look forward to expanding our strategies and witnessing the lasting positive impact it has on our business and our suppliers.

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