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Tax Tips & Tools Center
More answers! The tools you need for an easy tax season.

Tax Checklists

Business Tax Checklist

Your Income

  • Sales records
  • Gross receipts from services or sales
  • W-2s, 1099-MISC, checks received, merchant statements & copies of invoices
  • Returns and allowances
  • Beginning inventory
  • Ending inventory
  • Inventory purchases throughout the year
  • Items removed for personal purposes
  • Sale of real estate or rent collected
  • Partnership income, including Schedule K-1 and retirement contributions
  • Investment, checking and savings account interest - Forms 1099-INT or statement
  • Your 2011, 2010 and/or 2009 tax returns with information, such as Social Security Numbers, addresses, phone numbers and birthdays

Your Employee Wages

  • Form W-2 and W-3 Federal and state payroll returns
  • Documentation of pay to contractors with income reported on 1099-MISC forms

Your Travel & Transportation Expenses

  • Airfare, mileage or actual expenses if method of travel was driving
  • Meals and tips expenses
  • Taxis and tips expenses
  • Hotel expenses
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Internet expenses

Your Local Transportation Expenses

  • Business trip mileage log
  • Receipts or log for public transportation, tolls and parking.

Your Rent Expenses

  • Office space rent
  • Real Estate or facility maintenance & improvement expenses
  • Real Estate Taxes and/or moving expenses
  • Business-use vehicle lease expense

Your Interest Expenses

  • Mortgage interest statements on business-owned real estate - Form 1098
  • Business loan interest
  • Legal fees

Your Depreciation Expenses

  • Depreciation - assets' cost and first date of business use
  • Depreciation - sales price and disposition date of any sold assets

Your Other Expenses

  • Advertising
  • Commissions paid to subcontractors as necessary - Forms 1099-MISC and 1096
  • Repairs and maintenance of office and/or facility
  • Mortgages, utilities, real estate and paid local & state taxes
  • Office expenses, supplies & other consumables
  • Commissions & paid benefits

Your Fringe Benefits

  • Employer-paid health insurance premiums
  • Employer-paid pension/profit sharing contributions
  • Employer-paid HSA contributions
  • Total cost of additional fringe benefits

Your Business Insurance

  • Errors and omissions
  • Casualty loss insurance

Your Home Office

  • Total square footage of home (not applicable for daycare business)
  • Square footage of office space (hours of use for daycare business)
  • Utilities expenses
  • Mortgage interest or rent paid
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