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Accessorize your tablet

Top tablet accessory picks from Staples

Get the very best performance from your tablet - choose from our range of stylish, high quality accessories. Below are our top accessory picks. See our complete range of tablet accessories here.

1 – Tablet cases

Take a look at our range of beautifully-designed cases, each designed to protect your new tablet from bumps and scratches when you're on the move. Not only are they elegant and finished to the highest standard, but many also double as highly practical, adjustable stands. Wherever you find yourself - in a restaurant, on a plane or by the pool - it's now easier than ever for you and those around you to see presentations, watch movies or just browse comfortably, hands-free.

Every tablet in the Staples selection has a variety of custom-made cases carefully designed to maintain full, clear views of its screen for uninterrupted viewing. And the high-tech, anti-slip materials from which the cases are made also ensure that hands of any size retain a firm grip in order to avoid dropping.

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Tablet Case

2 – Tablet docking stations and stands

Whichever tablet you choose, there's a docking product to enable you to extend its capabilities when you're not on the move.

You'll find a great range of high-quality docks at Staples - each designed to maximize your tablet experience and give you the tools to enhance your life and work.

Docks have several ingenious functions built in. First off, they provide full power and Internet connectivity when used in a home or office environment. Used in tandem with a lightweight plug-in keyboard, they transform the supreme portability of a tablet into a full-function desktop or laptop PC.

Secondly they charge the battery of your tablet while they are doing so. Some docks will also charge other batteries simultaneously, allowing you to hotswap on the move for even greater mobile capability.

Docks will also boost GPS signals and most feature security lockdown devices so you can protect your data.

Want to enhance your audio? There are docks with loudspeakers built in. Need extra USB ports? You'll find those too.

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Tablet docks

3 – Tablet keyboards

Though the portability of your tablet is one of its prime features, it's likely that you will at some point want to sit in one place and use it for typing a report, sending a larger volume of emails, or inputting data - tasks all made more straightforward with the use of a conventional keyboard.

The Staples collection of tablet accessories includes a quality range of ergonomically designed keyboards and wireless keyboards, each tailor-made to connect effortlessly with your tablet.

Use a keyboard in tandem with a dock, and your tablet becomes a full-function workstation with the bonus of direct internet connectivity and battery charging capability.

Get the ultimate tablet flexibility by designing your set-up to suit your lifestyle. On the move, in the office or at home.

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Tablet Keyboards

4 – Tablet protection plan

Let's be honest - we're all human. Who hasn't spilled coffee on a keyboard, or suffered as a result of a dropped laptop?

Because it's a portable device that will travel as much as you do, your tablet may fall victim to your spilled coffee, or slide out of your purse as you pay for a taxi.

Sure, it won't make your day when it happens, but it's nice to know that you are covered.

To protect your tablet investment, we recommend a Tablet Protection Plan for access to 24/7 technical support and customer care.

Options include 100% parts and labor coverage against mechanical and electrical failure as a result of normal wear and tear.

You're also covered if your tablet is accidentally dropped, and we provide a one-time replacement or cash settlement if it can't be repaired, plus there's power surge coverage of up to $1,000.

If there's ever a problem, we'll fix it fast. Can you put a price on your peace of mind?

If you've a question about protecting your tablet and accessories ask one of our tech experts in store.

protection plan
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