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An executive guide to tablets

An executive guide to tablets.

Although many people think of the tablet as a cool gadget, it may soon become a business staple. More and more organizations are arming their sales forces, administrators and management teams with tablets. In fact, businesses are expected to buy 10 million tablets by the end of 2011 in an effort to enhance productivity — an investment that research firm Gartner recommends making. Ranging in size between smartphones and laptops, tablets are ultra portable and razor thin. And in addition to increased mobility, there are many other benefits to using a tablet in the workplace. Here you will find a list of ways businesses are using tablets to improve. You can also visit our choosing a tablet page for advice on how to select the tablet best suited to your needs.

How tablets empower business

Here are four major reasons why Fortune 100 companies are embracing this new technology for their businesses:

Laptop replacements

Like laptops, tablets have the latest technology — lightning-fast processors, Bluetooth® compatibility and access to 3G and 4G networks. They can be configured to offer secure wireless and VPN connections and face-to-face video conferencing, and can handle the day-to-day programs that you need to use — including access to thousands of helpful apps. They generally fall into the same price range as laptops, but on average weigh half as much and offer up to twice the battery life, making them a more attractive alternative.

Meetings and presentations

With crystal clear resolution and screens as large as 12", personal tablets eliminate the need for handouts and projectors. Not only does this reduce the long-term cost of printing and prep time, but it also allows your colleagues to take digital notes on their tablets (some even enable note-taking with a digital pen). Presentations on the tablet become especially useful for off-site pitches and impromptu meetings that take place outdoors, at a dinner or in a conference hall lobby.

On-site auditing and reporting

Tablets act like a thin sheet of paper, enabling you to conduct audits, fill out forms and create other on-site reports while you walk, in real time. Some insurance companies and auditing firms equip workers with tablets because they increase efficiency — on a tablet, you can send in your results as soon as you finish your appointment — without your having to transcribe notes or process any paperwork.

Client sales

Healthcare companies have already started using tablets to sell medical equipment, but the sales application is universal across businesses in all industries. Tablets empower sales representatives to jump into presentations — with no time wasted to power up — and grab the attention of busy clients with visually stunning images, demonstrating uses of their product or videos of client testimonials. With a tablet in hand, a sales meeting can occur in a hallway while your client is on her way from one meeting to the next.

Finding the right tablet

When used strategically, a tablet can be a serious and powerful tool for your business. Many restaurants, retailers, hospitals and libraries are already using tablets to enable their goals both on and off site.

Staples is an expert in helping you to make your choice. Please visit our compare tablets page to find the right tablet for your business needs. If you prefer to talk to us in person, you'll find our live customer support is never more than a click away.

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