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Using your tabletMaking the most of your device in everyday life.

Tablets: Entertainment for families on the go

Tablets: Entertainment for Families on the go

Family-sized tablet

As soon as your tablet is out of the box and connected to the web, the world is in your hands. The power to communicate has never been greater, and it's never been easier to reach and interact with friends, family and communities wherever they are.

So get ready to surf, email and send instant messages. Prepare to have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at your fingertips, and get used to searching, organising and sharing information instantly - all through a simple, touch-sensitive screen interface that's designed to be intuitive and fun.

Around your home especially your tablet is set to become useful in hundreds of ways.

Its key features of portability and connectivity mean that whatever's online is yours to view and use in any room, at any time. However busy you are, your tablet will become useful throughout your daily life and enable you to connect and engage more with the world around you.

Use it to check television schedules (try the Xfinity TV app), book theatre tickets, get movie reviews (check out the IMBb app), follow an unfolding news story (the CNN app was one of the first to be launched for the tablet market) and get the latest traffic reports (take a look at Traffic Report).

Why not research a recipe on your favorite food website? The Epicurious Recipe app contains tens of thousands of recipes from all over the world, with photographs. Users can search through them using the dish category, or even main ingredient filters. There are also user reviews, and a feature that enables you to compile shopping lists of ingredients. Why not order them online with your tablet?

You can then follow the instructions step-by-step in your kitchen and maybe even get help from a chatroom or forum.

Got kids? Learning has a new dimension thanks to the tablet. There are now thousands of apps designed for fun-oriented learning using the large screen to present colors, questions, choices, sounds and answers all geared towards play, parental engagement and entertainment. Take a look at Zoodles to see what we mean. This tablet app adapts its content to each child based on their age, skills, the device they are using and custom parental controls.

As a portable device the tablet is unrivalled. Position the screen anywhere to play movies, games, watch online TV or listen to the radio at the park, in a bedroom, in a workshop or even in the back of the SUV. The tablet is the ultimate in flexibility.

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