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Tablets for graphics

Graphics capability

Tablets for graphics

Pixel-perfect display

Whatever you're looking for in a tablet, you'll want to choose a model that maximizes its biggest and most iconic feature that beautifully smooth glass screen.

Behind this truly impressive piece of engineering is cutting edge graphics technology designed to bring the tablet experience to life and make your interactions clearer, easier and more enjoyable.

Wherever they're used, the latest generation of tablets make full use of their large, brightly backlit, high resolution screens. Graphics are reproduced with incredible, pin sharp clarity and video renders with a sharpness that's truly breathtaking.

The display quality of tablets is particularly effective when it comes to photographs and photo editing colours are rich and deep, skin tones are delicate and gradients are smooth.

Whatever your industry, access to high quality imagery and video is an essential part of effective communication, marketing and branding. And boy, do tablets deliver.

Another feature worthy of mention is tablets' wide picture visibility. Many laptop screens restrict viewing to a user sitting face on. The excellent picture quality of tablet screens can be appreciated by anybody sitting within 180 degrees a particularly useful feature when the tablet is being used for group activities.

Whatever your choice of tablet, make sure you get the full picture.

What do you like best about your tablet screen and its capabilities? Share your views and opinions with like minded professionals using the comments box below.

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