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Using your tabletMaking the most of your device in everyday life.

Tablets mean business

tablets mean business

Tablets for business? Naturally.

Tablets are a technology that's changing the ways in which people communicate. Inevitably this embraces the way we work together and interact.

The latest tablet brands bring together stunning design, breathtaking performance and a new kind of portability. Here are just some of the key reasons for adopting tablets into your business activities:

Get more done

Use your tablet online or offline. Its huge range of tools will enhance your productivity as well as that of the people who work for you.

Tablets mean you and your team will multitask on the move and get busy in places where laptops, keyboards, cables and flip-up screens are awkward. So whether you're in a train, a plane or a car, or waiting in an airport, a bar or a shopping mall you now have the power to make dead time into productive time.

Do better business

Your tablet is ready for action at any time and brought to life with just a tap of your finger. There's enough tools to cover every aspect of business, and sufficient power and storage to summon up and use vast numbers of files in microseconds.

With a tablet in your hands you've got the power to deliver killer presentations; use VoIP telephony; manage global conferences and incorporate cloud services into your data workflow.

Work smarter, anywhere

Wherever in the world you are linked to the web you can email, browse and research customers. You can build, edit and share data efficiently and use your tablet to create, schedule and manage projects, people and resources.

Your tablet is the solution you've been waiting for. Wherever you take it, your business goes with you.

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