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Top 5 tablet uses for families and entertainment

Living the tablet lifestyle

tablets for families

1. Vacation station

From the beginning of the process to actually being there, why not use your tablet to put you on a Caribbean cruise, a sandy beach, a mountain trail or the Vegas strip.

With your Internet connected tablet, all your initial research can be done anywhere, from your sofa, patio and if the boss isn't looking, even while you're at work.

With a tablet as your travel planner, you can check out photographs and reviews of your destination, as well as availability and costs of flights, car rental, hotels, restaurants, insurance, and any number of activities for you and your family when you get there.

2. Workout buddy

When you're racking up the miles on a lonely treadmill, what better way to provide much needed entertainment than a well-positioned tablet?

Now it's easy to catch up with the TV you missed the night before, a favorite episode of House, or a classic movie.

With your tablet connected, you'll also have access to hundreds of fitness, nutrition and diet guidance apps to help you lead a healthier life.

3. Ultimate shopper

With a tablet you will become a shopping guru. If there's a bargain within a hundred miles, you'll sniff it out using the latest shopping apps.

Armed with a 3G internet connection, you can scan barcodes and check prices in store, then compare prices with other suppliers nearby.

How far will you drive to get that dress for half price? And will it be in stock? Simple - use your tablet to check availability and even get driving directions to another store while you're online

4. Online storage

Get organized with Dropbox - one of the most user-friendly file storage and management tablet apps around.

Dropbox allows you to securely store all your data files online, as well as supporting cross-platform file syncing, online backup and restore functions.

Whatever you've stored is completely accessible, so you can download, upload, share and retrieve using one account on any online device.

Send download links to your friends; save photos and video from your tablet's camera to other computers and even open files using other Android applications.

5. Silver screen

Flixster is a tablet movie app designed to help you make choices about what movies you'd like to see, and how to get to the theatre when you've made up your mind.

With your tablet you can use Flixster to watch high quality trailers and video clips for almost any movie.

Also available within this popular tablet app are details of any movie theatre, including local showtimes. You can also see how films are performing at the box office, and get a sneak peek at new theatre and DVD releases. If you want to see how critics rated a particular film you can also read their reviews before you head out.

And whatever you think of films you've seen, you can share your own opinion with friends and family with Flixster's Facebook link.

6. Get organized

Do you want to be more productive? Connect the Toggl app to your tablet and you'll manage your time like a pro, wherever you are in the world.

These highly-effective tools are designed for time tracking, recording how long you spend on a task and converting this into clear reporting information.

You can use it as an individual, or for teams of people working together on a project.

7. Angry Birds

If you haven't discovered it already, make a point of downloading the Angry Birds tablet app. You'll quickly see why this game has had over 50 million downloads worldwide since its release.

This is a highly addictive adventure you control a slingshot from which you launch birds at pigs concealed in a variety of protective structures with the intention of eliminating them. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

It's a funny, stylish game with great sound effects. But be warned - you may pick it up to kill a few idle minutes and then realize you've lost an hour.

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