Binder Learning Center. Find the right binder for you. Having trouble deciding exactly what type of binder you need? We’re here to help. There are 3 key factors to consider before making a binder purchase. They are durability, ring type and view/non-view. Know which type of binder you’re looking for? Shop now or Start searching now. Durability. Heavy-duty binders offer the most durability and protection for your projects.  Maximum Performance: Heavy-Duty Binders: made from the toughest PVC-free material, thicker chipboard panels for durability, contains premium quality rings, made of non-stick material. Frequent Use: Medium-Duty Binders: made from vinyl material, contains better quality rings, thicker chipboard panels for durability. Light Use: Basic Binders: made from vinyl material, contains basic quality rings, not for everyday use.
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