AT&Connect to Cell™

AT&T Connect to Cell™
Cordless Phones.

Whether at home or in the office,
AT&T cordless phones keep you
in touch with what matters.

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Connect to Cell Technology

See how this innovative feature can help manage all your calls.

  • Make and receive cellular and landline calls
  • Take advantage of your home’s strongest signal
  • Import your cell phone contacts list
  • No landline connection required

Unsurpassed Range

Offers more than 1,000 feet of range so you can take
high-quality calls almost anywhere in your home or office.

Multi-Line Capability

Up to 4 lines on one phone lets you easily call,
switch over and carry on your conversations.

Easy to Operate

AT&T’s selection of cordless phones feature bigger buttons,
larger displays and clearer, louder call quality.

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