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3D printing
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See your ideas come to life.


We make it easy.

3D printing services are now available at Staples® Copy & Print. Just drop off your design file with a Certified Print Pro to get started.

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Homemade 3D masterpieces.

Check out our great assortment of personal 3D printers and accessories.

The new possibilities of print.

Think you can't print out an electric guitar? Think again. With 3D printing's ever-evolving technology, the possibilities are endless. Design and print anything from phone cases and jewelry to working guitars.

Shape your ideas.

3D printing is a simple process capable of creating complex designs that are otherwise impossible to manufacture. It starts with a digital 3D design which has been sliced into 2-dimensional layers. Layer by layer, the printer deposits liquid or powdered materials until the final piece is complete.

Perfect models and prototypes.

Whether you sell custom jewelry at a local boutique or you're an international supplier of high-tech goods, 3D printing can help increase your speed to market. Products that take months to manufacture can print in days or even hours.

Four ways to boost your
business with 3D printers.

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