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One-Box Shopping: Complete POS System Solutions

A point-of-sale (POS) trend in today’s market is the one-box, or complete, POS system. These are pre-packaged POS systems that provide all the software and hardware you need — including monitor or tablet, cash drawer and wireless receipt printer — in one package.

There are a number of one-box POS systems on the market now. Some use touch screen monitors, but an increasing number work with tablets that can be stationed in one place or moved around the store for convenience. Before you go out and purchase a one-box system, you need to decide if it is the right choice for your retail business. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of making the switch.

The Pros
  • With complete POS solutions, everything is connected and the system can be up and running in minutes. The convenience of having the hardware and software packaged together should not be overlooked.
  • Many of these systems are tablet-based, which means cashiers can either be stationed in one place or move around the store to service customers. In today’s hurried society, that level of service can be an added bonus.
  • Wireless mobile systems also require a minimal amount of counter space (they might just need room for a receipt printer or tablet stand should you choose to set up a desktop) and can make the cashier/customer relationship friendlier and less formal.
  • Loyalty, gift card and rewards programs integrate into many one-box POS systems, adding to the convenience of the shopping experience and what you can offer as a retailer.
  • Some of these systems have smartphone apps with live sales data that lets you manage the store’s POS from anywhere.

The Cons

  • Migrating from a traditional POS system to a one-box POS system can be difficult and time-consuming. You’ll need to export your inventory and customer info into a spreadsheet and then send it to your provider.
  • Complete POS systems come pre-programmed with some standard features that aren’t always flexible to meet your business needs. You may have to adjust your business to work with them, not the other way around.
  • While these systems are lower cost at the start, many of them involve monthly credit card fees based on a percentage of sales.
  • With tablet-based systems, you may run the risk of employees surfing the Web rather than servicing customers. If this is a concern, you’ll have to spend more time monitoring employee activity and less time pushing sales.

Complete POS solutions are certainly becoming trendier in today’s retail world, especially because they offer tablet-based solutions. Though they may be sleek and simple once they are up and running, changing over your entire POS system might be more complicated than you can afford. In general, early adoption to a one-box POS system has its benefits, and if you’re a new retailer setting up shop, these all-in-one systems should be considered.

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