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Rulers & Measuring Devices

Rulers make it easy to measure projects and materials precisely and efficiently. Before making the first cut, mark or alteration, use one of these devices to size up the work properly.

They come in a variety of lengths, widths, colors and materials, ensuring there is an option that fulfills every measuring need. Flexible devices are useful for determining the length and width of objects with curves and angles, while retractable models take up little room in tool bags or drawers.

Traditional straight-edge options provide a clean, straight line, which is ideal for marking and tracing craft and home improvement projects.

Find all the top ruler brands and measuring devices at Staples.

Rulers Provide Accurate Measurements in a Variety of Situations
Take accurate measurements at home, work or school with a handy ruler. Many designs come equipped with both inch and centimeter markings for easy reading and recording purposes.

They are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from 6 inches to 12 inches and beyond, making it simple to find one suited to the project at hand. Devices with multiple scales and sides, like an architect's ruler, offer total precision for minute measurements required for detailed drawings and construction work.

Options with beveled edges are comfortable to hold in place while tracing and other varieties with hooks on the ends hold firmly as you move further away to take a full measurement.

Rulers Come in a Wide Range of Styles to Fit all Measurement Needs

Not every measurement follows a straight line. Precisely evaluate angles and rounded edges with the help of protractors. Their curved shape is helpful for tracing clean-lined half-circles and full circles, or taking short, quick measurements with the straight edge at the bottom.

Stencils let users trace shapes like squares, hexagons and triangles neatly and accurately. Grid-like layouts on these products help line the designs up for proper placement on blank papers, math problems and renderings.

Traditional Rulers Provide an Easy-to-Use Straight Edge Measuring Tool

Measure linear objects or make accurate line drawings with the help of a straight-edge ruler. Often crafted from sturdy, durable materials like metal, wood and plastic, they offer a hard surface for tracing or marking on projects and are designed to last.

Clear versions of these products allow an unobstructed view of what's below for precision measuring and drawing. Options with magnifying capabilities ensure total accuracy with every use.

They are available in a range of colors and styles, from traditional wood materials to fun plastic designs, to fit both measuring needs and personal taste.

Flexible Ruler Designs Make it Simple to Measure Oddly Shaped Items

Flexible rulers provide precise measurements of not only straight-edge items but projects with curves and angles as well. Their bendable nature wraps around pieces, hugging them closely to offer an exact circumference, length, width or height.

Products featuring a sticky backing stay in place for easy recording and positioning. A flexible design makes it simple to roll these devices up for neat, compact storage.
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