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256GB Flash Memory

Data storage options allow users to conveniently store, transfer and back up data without relying on large, heavy storage devices. SD cards fit many devices and fulfill a range of storage needs.

Compact, Convenient Design Fits Many Devices
SD cards are convenient because of their compact size, which makes them very easy to transport. They are ideal for use in cameras. Their design allows avid photographers to store multiple memory cards in a camera bag. In addition to cameras, SD cards fit various models of music players, computers, phones and tablets. When used with a compatible phone, an SD card provides additional permanent storage for apps, photos and videos. Many computer models have built-in card readers.

An SD card with 256GB of storage offers more than enough space for the average user. With this much storage, users can save approximately 33 hours of standard video or 12 hours of 4K video or more than 55,000 photos. Specific amounts depend on the quality and size of saved files, as well as how much formatting space a particular SD card uses.

Speed and Quality Come Together in 256GB SD Cards
Transferring up to 256GB is often a time-consuming task, but SD cards can significantly speed up the process. Certain SD cards offer upload speeds as high as 95 Mbps. High-speed cards are well suited to photography. They allow users to take rapid shots for clear action photos and sports photos. This feature also makes it easier for users to capture high-definition videos.

Some SD cards come with additional speed ratings and features. UHS cards are classed as ultra-high speed, which means that they have bus interface speeds as high as 104 Mbps. Cards with U ratings have high minimum speed requirements. U1 cards have a minimum write speed of 10 Mbps for streaming video files.

Protect Your Photos from Many Types of Damage
The portable nature of SD cards means that they may be exposed to extreme conditions. Some manufacturers guarantee their 256GB SD card products against conditions like shock, extreme heat, extreme cold and submersion in water. Samsung SD cards are magnet proof, shock proof, temperature proof and waterproof within specific limits. These cards can withstand up to 500 Gs of shock and temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. These features protect the data and the physical structure of the SD card.

How Do 256GB SD Cards Save Time and Protect Data?
High-speed SD cards save time and maximize productivity. High file transfer speeds let users save their files and begin working with documents more quickly. Different design features provide an extra level of security for files. SD cards have no moving parts, a feature that makes them extremely durable and less prone to internal damage. Some manufacturers include image recovery software with SD cards, giving you the chance to recover and save unintentionally deleted photos.

The right 256GB SD card lets users take clear photos and effortlessly transfer documents between devices. Search Staples' SD card collection to find a range of options.
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SanDisk® SDSDXVF-256G-ANCIN Extreme UHS-I 256GB SDXC Flash Memory Card
Item : IM16A9770
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  • 256GB SDXC flash memory card is great for 4K content, full HD video recording and high-resolution pictures
  • Speed class: UHS-I, Maximum Read Speed: 90 Mbps, Maximum Write Speed: 60 Mbps
  • Dimensions: 1.26"H x 0.93"W x 0.85"D, 82.7 mil thickness
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SanDisk® SDSDXXG-256G-ANCIN Extreme Plus UHS-I 256GB SDXC Flash Memory Card
Item : IM16A9781
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  • 256GB SDXC flash memory card is great for 4K content, full HD video recording and high-resolution pictures
  • Speed class: UHS-I, Maximum Read Speed: 95 Mbps, Maximum Write Speed: 90 Mbps
  • Dimensions: 1.25"H x 0.94"W x 0.08"D, 39.4 mil thickness
Unirex uss-256s Memory Card, Class 10 (UHS-1), 256GB, SDHC
Item : 2120465
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  • Class 10/UHS-1 256GB SDHC memory card is perfect for storing essential digital content such as high quality photos, videos, music and much more
  • For use with digicams, MP3 players, tablets, laptops and smartphones
  • Efficiently stores data