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3V Batteries

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3V batteries come in different shapes and sizes. They are available in varying capacities and use different cell chemistries. A 3-volt battery delivers more power and a longer runtime than a 1.5-volt cell of comparable capacity. Batteries with this voltage are also more suitable for high-drain devices. Staples® carries a wide selection of 3-volt power cells designed for different applications.

Power Portable Electronics With Cylindrical and Camera 3V Batteries
Most cylindrical batteries have nominal voltages between 1.2 and 1.5 volts. However, two of them can deliver 3 volts. These are 1/2AA and Duplex®. Duplex batteries are rare and made of two 1.5V cells. A 1/2AA cell has the same diameter as an AA battery but is only half as tall. It can either be a lithium thionyl chloride or a lithium manganese oxide cell with a capacity between 850mAh and 1200mAh. This 3-volt battery is a common power source for motion detectors and also runs small medical devices like pulse oximeters.

Camera or photo lithium cells are another class of cylindrical 3-volt batteries. These include CR123A and CR2 single-cylinder batteries as well as CRV3 double-cylinder photo lithium. They are primary cells commonly used for powering digital cameras and their flash units. The double-cylinder CRV3 has the highest capacity (3000mAh) while the CR123A has half of its capacity and the CR2 only holds 750mAh of charge.

Choose Lithium Coin Cells When Looking for Button-Type 3V Batteries
Coin batteries are round, flat cells designed for small electronic devices like keyless entry remotes, watches, and pocket calculators. They use three types of battery chemistries: alkaline, silver oxide, and lithium. Only lithium coin and button cells can operate at 3 volts. Manufacturers differentiate them with CR and BR prefixes. One lithium coin cell is powerful enough to replace two silver oxide or alkaline coin cells. Lithium 3-volt coin cells are available in a wide variety of diameters and thicknesses. The most common one is the CR2032. Usually installed on computer motherboards, it serves as a backup BIOS battery. Most lithium coin cells power automobile key remotes and digital watches. These have capacities between 50 and 200mAh. Models with lower capacities are for powering decorative LED lights.

Are There Rechargeable 3V Batteries?
Yes. There are rechargeable versions of 3-volt camera batteries. While primary CR123A, CR2, and CRV3 batteries are lithium cells, their rechargeable variants use lithium-ion battery chemistry. The secondary cells have slightly higher nominal voltages (3.6 to 3.7 volts), lower capacities, and are fully compatible with cameras that accept 3-volt lithium batteries.

Do All 3V Batteries Use Lithium-Based Cell Chemistries?
While most of them are lithium and lithium ion batteries, there are very few non-lithium cells delivering 3 volts. One popular exception is the 24PX or 532. This is a 3-volt alkaline battery used in old Polaroid cameras. It has a large snap connector on top and a capacity of 600mAh.

Which 3V Batteries Are Best for Powering Flashlights?
For high-drain flashlights that take 3-volt cells, get CR123A units. These are a little wider than an AA battery and two-thirds its length. Each of CR123A cell has a capacity of 1500mAh, the highest for a single-cylinder 3-volt lithium battery. Choose the 700-mAh lithium-ion version (RCR123A) if you are looking for rechargeable 3-volt batteries.
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Duracell® CR2032/DL2032 Lithium Battery, 3.0V, 2-Pack
Item : 384338 / Model : DL2032B2PK
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  • Reliable, consistent performance
  • Long lasting to increase productivity
  • Very high power, energy density and excellent rate capability
4.79 $4.79
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Photo/Electronic Batteries
Item : SS169763
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  • Photo/Electronic Batteries
  • Lithium
  • Sold 1.5 through 6-volt
As low as 3.49 $3.49
Multiple options available
Duracell DL2025 Lithium Battery, 3V, 4/Pack (DL 2025B4PK05)
Item : 219509 / Model : DL 2025B4PK05
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  • DL2025/CR2025 lithium batteries for use in medical devices, key fobs and other small electronics
  • 3V output per battery for greater dependability
  • Lithium batteries for long-lasting power
6.49 $6.49