Accent Chairs

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When you need to add not only functionality to your home or office, but also want to add some style, animal print accent chairs are an excellent option. They come in several different shapes and styles to fit the look and decor you're after.

Choose Your Favorite Print
Animal print accent chairs use nature's versions of popular textile patterns such as the stripes on a zebra. This is a terrific option for progressive offices that need to maintain professional decor while showing off their forward thinking. A chair with leopard-like spots is also a standout choice for such an environment. For offices and homes with a more conservative look, consider an animal print living room chair with a more traditional design and a muted color scheme. It blends in with older furniture and adds the right amount of energy and pizzazz to a room.

For living rooms, bedrooms, and dorm rooms, lounge chairs are ideal because they have more of a casual and chic look. They also provide comfortable, practical seating for more stylish or youthful workplace environments.

Animal print accent chairs come in a slipper style that works well in entryways or as occasional seating in more casual or contemporary settings. For traditional environments, you may want to opt for an animal print accent chair that has arms, as they feature a more timeless look.

Different Materials For Different Settings
Chairs with leather or faux leather seats, especially tufted ones, are ideal for more conservative homes and business venues. They feature a timeless, mid-century look and an executive decor that complements that type of environment well. Foam and polyester animal print living room chairs work well in the home and in some office environments due to the comfort they afford. Lightweight folding chairs with animal motifs offer stylish flexibility for party seating or college dorm-room decor.

What Do You Use Accent Chairs For as Opposed to Regular Chairs?
Accent chairs stand out from the rest of your furniture and add some special flavor, energy, or decor to a space. They hold their own in your decorative scheme and also function in pairings alongside a dining table, coffee table, or a conference table in an office setting.

What Is an Occasional Chair?
Generally, an occasional chair is an accent chair you use for extra seating. It usually isn't part of a furniture set and does not necessarily match with other chairs or tables. They are ideal for moving into your living room when throwing a party or entertaining guests on special occasions such as holidays. They also tend to be lightweight so that they are easy to move. This makes them a welcome addition in a small office in which flexible meeting options are a must.

How Can You Use Accent Chairs at Home?
Accent chairs work anywhere in the home, both for everyday use and special events. They provide seating for relaxing with a book or tablet, eating meals with the family, entertaining guests, and watching TV. The right chair also makes a style statement your living space.
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